Rust – How to Fish (Preparation & Action)

There are many ways to get food in Rust, but one of the best and time efficient strategies is fishing. All you need to fish is a rod and some bait.

Most games make fishing a bit of a chore that can usually take a lot of time. A time that would be better used doing something else.

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Luckily, this is not the case in Rust. You can fish anywhere there is water and enough space to throw your bait, and anyone can successfully get enough food to survive after a few throws.

To fish in Rust, all you need to do is get a fishing rod and some bait, approach a body of water and throw the fishing hook into the water to catch some food.

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How to Fish in Rust

Fishing might seem a bit complicated in Rust if you have never done it before. However, after catching your first fish, this survival method will become one of your favorites.


First of all, you will need a fishing rod. Players can easily craft a handmade fishing rod with 200 wood and 2 ropes. If you don’t want to craft it, there is also a quest that will reward you with a rod and bait as well.

In the Fishing Village, approach one of the fishermen, and they will give you a quest to find an item for them. You can see the location of the item on the map. Do this fetch quest and get all you need to fish.

Otherwise, craft a rod and use any type of food as bait. You can see if something in your inventory will work as bait if, after clicking the item, it has a Bait stat.

The Bait number represents how many throws that item will give you for your fishing rod. Just drag the bait over the fishing rod, and you will finally have all you need to fish.


So, at this point, you are supposed to have a fishing rod equipped with bait in it. Look at a body of water and press and hold the right mouse button.

You will now see where you are aiming to throw the hook. If the target is red, then it means that it is either too close, too far, or too shallow to throw the hook there.

If the target is blue, then you just need to left-click your mouse, and you will throw the fishing line. Now, you will have to wait for a bit.

It will be relatively obvious when a fish is caught on your hook. Now, press and hold the left mouse button to drag the fish toward you.

The rod will start shaking a lot the more you pull on it. If the rod starts shaking an absurd amount, release the left mouse button and wait for it to stop shaking before pulling again.

You can also use the A and D buttons to pull the fish to the right or left if they are going in the wrong direction.

So, to fish properly in Rust, all you need to do is pull, stop when the rod starts shaking too much, pull again when it stabilizes, and repeat until you get the fish.

Depending on the rod and bait you are using, you will get either better or worse fish. There are quite a few types of fish in Rust, and some will be only in rivers and some only in the deep sea waters.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fish in Rust!

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