Rust – How to Repair a Boat

Traveling around the rivers and ocean in Rust can be a really fun endeavor. Players can fish sharks, loot random trash piles, and approach the deadly oil rigs.

However, boats decay quickly, and you can lose your precious boat in less than 3 hours if you don’t fix it from time to time.

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They also take a lot of damage when shot, and players can easily sink you if you don’t fix the boat fast.

Luckily, all you need to do to repair a boat in Rust is hit it with a hammer while having wood and metal fragments in your inventory.

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How to Repair a Boat in Rust

So, to repair a boat in Rust, you will first need a hammer. You can quickly craft one using 100 wood in the crafting menu.

Now, you will have to equip the hammer and hit your boat to repair it. Every hit will take around 16 wood and 4 metal fragments.

This works the same for all the types of boats that you can use to travel the seas. Even submarines are fixed the same way.

Repairing a boat will be necessary due to the high decay that it suffers from. However, a good way to repair boats in Rust is to keep them from ever taking damage.

A good way to make sure that your boat doesn’t suffer from decay is to build a beach base where you can park your boat.

Just build the foundation inside the water and make sure that the boat can enter the base. As long as it is inside a base, it won’t suffer from decay.

Where to Get More Boats in Rust

If your boat breaks down in Rust before you can fix it, you can always get a new one from one of the fishing villages.

A boat only costs 125 scrap in the fishing villages. But, if you want them for free, you can find them all over the map next to bodies of water (the ocean and rivers), besides cold zones.

Players can also buy a larger type of boat, the RHIB, for 300 scrap, and submarines for 200 to 300 scrap.

That’s everything you need to know about how to repair a boat in Rust!

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