Ashava World Boss spawn point location

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Diablo 4 is almost upon us, and players worldwide gathered, battled, and looted their way through the Early Access Beta for awesome rewards. While the beta has a ton of things to do, the new World Boss feature draws players at specific times to a certain location. But where? Fortunately, we know the Diablo 4 Ashava World Boss spawn location.

Ashava World Boss spawn location in Diablo 4

The full game will have more World Bosses, but Ashava the Pestilient wreaks havoc on the beta at certain hours. He spawns in an open area on the eastern side of the Fractured Peaks map. The subarea of the map where he spawns is called The Crucible, and it’s a huge open area that seems to be meant just for fighting Ashava. About 30 minutes before he spawns, Ashava’s spawn location and a countdown timer are marked on everyone’s map.

Diablo 4 Ashava World Boss Spawn Location Map

Ashava World Boss spawn location in Diablo 4. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Fighting Ashava in Diablo 4

Moreover, fighting Ashava is no walk in the park. A maximum of 12 players fight the world boss, and Ashava’s stats are massive. So massive that we can’t recommend fighting Ashava with a character under level 25. It’s certainly doable, but you’ll have a rough time. Once the boss spawns, the 12 of you have 15 minutes to defeat it. If not defeated in those 15 minutes, Ashava crawls back into the pits of Hell from where he came.

Ashava Rewards

When you beat Ashava, he’ll drop a number of significant items, likely several Legendaries. Additionally, Ashava has a weekly bonus cache. In the beta, this weekly bonus is determined by your first attempt at the boss that week. For example, I lost the first time I tried fighting Ashava but won the second time. I do not get a weekly bonus because I lost the first time. Blizzard has been mum so far on whether this is a bug or a feature.

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