Rust – How to Remove Your Own Walls

Building a base in Rust can be a very annoying endeavor if you are just getting started. You have no idea what anything does, blueprints can be a bit confusing, and walls just don’t seem to want to be removed.

Very often, the developers of Rust have decided to make things really hard for everyone. Some actions that you might consider basic aren’t possible in this game.

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There are many things that you will need to learn to master playing Rust, but removing walls is a simple problem that we will help you solve in seconds.

If 5 minutes haven’t passed since you built them, you can remove your own walls in Rust by interacting with them while holding a hammer and choosing the “Demolish” option. Otherwise, you will have to destroy them with tools.

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How to Remove Your Own Walls in Rust

Though some might consider this barbaric, players can’t remove their own walls in Rust if more than 5 minutes have passed since its original placement.

If you are still in that 5-minute interval, just approach the wall holding a hammer, interact with the wall to see other options, and select the “Demolish” one, shown in the image above.

This will result in the wall disappearing, and you have a chance to rebuild your base. Otherwise, you will have to break down the wall the old-fashioned way.

You will need to buy a jackhammer from Tools & Stuff in the Outpost for 150 scraps and head back to your base.

Use the jackhammer to damage your wall and bring it down. Make sure that you hit your wall from the soft side.

All walls in Rust have a hard and soft side. You can usually figure out which one is weaker if you hit it with a weapon. The hard side barely takes damage, while the soft side easily gets damage. They also look very different.

You can also repair the jackhammer at a workbench to continue to process with no interruptions.

Remove Walls After 5 Minutes Without Having to Use Tools

There is also a method that you can use to remove your own walls in Rust without having to destroy them using tools.

If you have a tool cabinet placed in the base, then you will constantly need to feed it resources to keep the structures from decaying.

Then, if you upgrade a wall to a higher level than the rest and then don’t provide the necessary resources to maintain it at the TC then you can just wait for the wall to destroy itself.

For example, if you have a base fully made out of stone and you upgrade one wall to steel, then suddenly, you will have to start placing metal fragments in the TC.

If you don’t provide the TC with metal frags, then the metal wall will break down by itself without any effort from you. However, you have to make sure that you don’t already have structures that use that wall material.

That’s everything you need to know about how to remove your own walls in Rust!

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