Odeeo and Any Ever partner to offer new touchpoint for audio campaigns

An exclusive partnership between Odeeo and Any Ever has been officially announced, offering a new touchpoint for audio campaigns, new targeting abilities, and more.

Tel Aviv-based Odeeo is the creator of an audio network for advertising in-game without disrupting gameplay or hindering players and developers. Having recorded 300 percent year-on-year revenue growth in 2022, Odeeo generates more than 100 billion audio ad impressions per year.

Perks for the ear

Any Ever began researching the new audio channel back in 2021 and has now brought Odeeo on board in aims of establishing in-game audio ads as a sustainable form of marketing within the German market.

Branded safety via a certified inventory, rewarded ad campaigns, and programmatic bookings are among the other perks coming with this partnership.

“Casual gaming has arrived in all target groups. The gamers and situations are as versatile as the mobile games on offer. For the advertising market, this means high reach in almost all target groups with the decisive advantage of not interrupting users in what they are doing!” said Any Ever COO Andre Schnitzmeier.

“In-game audio ads are played during gameplay based on the ad server. This is perfectly complemented by a non-interfering banner at the edge of the screen. Through this unique form of advertising, we achieve maximum attention combined with a positive perception of the brand, which has led to above-average click-through rates in all cases. If that’s not enough for you, you can give gamers the gift of Rewarded Audio.”

Odeeo co-founder and CEO Amit Monheit commented: “With Any Ever, we have a partner in the German market that brings just as much passion, joy, transparency and partnership for in-game audio advertising as us.

“We are very much looking forward to developing new target groups together with Any Ever and expanding the audio market in Germany with the touchpoint in-game audio.”

As part of our International Womens Day coverage, we interviewed Liat Barer, VP of product at Odeeo, about working in the games industry.

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