10 Beautiful Minecraft Chandelier Design Ideas

Decorating in Minecraft is a tedious task, especially if you don’t know how to design interiors for your house.

If you have a big house with a tall empty ceiling, why not try building a lovely chandelier to provide lighting and bring beauty to the interior?

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In this article, let’s see the best 10 Minecraft chandelier design ideas for inspiration!

We’ll cover every popular chandelier theme so you can find at least an idea that fits your base. From a basic wooden chandelier and overgrown chandelier to unique chandelier designs for the Nether biome, we’ve got it all.

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10 Beautiful Minecraft Chandelier Design Ideas

The Minecraft chandelier design ideas below can provide lighting to prevent hostile mobs from spawning and be a great decorative element.

So, without further ado, let’s see the first design!

1. Amethyst Chandelier

Materials: Amethyst Blocks, Amethyst Clusters, Large Amethyst Buds, Purple Candles, Magenta Stained Glass Panes, Purple Stained Glass Panes, End Rods, and an Anvil.

If you live underground near amethyst geodes and love romantic themes, here’s an amethyst chandelier for your cave base.

The chandelier is made entirely from amethyst blocks and buds, making it resource-friendly for anyone who loves mining. If you can’t afford end rods in the early game, replace them with white stained glass panes.

Remember to light the candles up, though. Otherwise, hostile mobs will be able to spawn in your base.

2. Fortress Chandelier

Materials: Lodestones, Polished Blackstone Brick Walls, Chains, and Soul Lanterns.

This is a mysterious yet expensive Minecraft chandelier design idea on the list.

With 13 lodestones in total, you have to use 13 netherite ingots and 104 chiseled stone bricks for this design. You can replace the lodestones with chiseled stone bricks if it’s too expensive.

On the other hand, chains, soul lanterns, and polished blackstone brick walls are common materials, so that you can find them easily in the Nether biome.

3. Wooden Chandelier

Materials: Note Blocks, Spruce Trapdoors, Spruce Fences, Chains, and Lanterns.

What if you can play music with a glorious hanging chandelier in your base? That’s what this Minecraft chandelier design idea is about!

By using note blocks, you can right-click on them to play sound whenever you want. The only disadvantage is the difficulty of building this since you have to hold shift and right-click to place the spruce fences.

4. Lush Cave Chandelier

Materials: Moss Blocks, Glow Berries, Dripleaves, Lanterns, Soul Lanterns, Birch Fences, White Stained Glass Panes, Green Stained Glass Panes, Candles, Lime Candles, and Ferns.

Besides overgrown design ideas, a lush cave is one of Minecraft’s most popular building themes. Who doesn’t love moss blocks and glow berries, right?

The lush cave is already beautiful with its shape and color, so you only need to gather a few more materials to transform it completely.

In addition, don’t forget to bring some axolotls to make the area liveable.

5. Aqua Chandelier

Materials: Prismarine Walls, Dark Prismarine Slabs, a Sea Lantern, Jungle Trapdoors, Cyan Banners, End Rods, Chains, Soul Lantersn, and Flower Pots.

Next, we have a gorgeous Minecraft chandelier design idea for ocean lovers.

Cyan and white create a perfect color combination, while the dark prismarines and flower pots on top strongly contrast the design.

To loot the ocean monument for prismarines, remember to bring some milk buckets with you!

6. Mesa Chandelier

Materials: Smooth Red Sandstone Slabs, Smooth Red Sandstone Stairs, Acacia Trapdoors, Shroomlights, Glowberries, and Chains.

This compact Minecraft chandelier design works well for all wasted biomes, such as savanna, desert, or badlands.

If you don’t like the orangish color of the red sand, you could use normal smooth sand and oak trapdoors instead. Now, gather some vines and glow berries to lighten up your chandelier!

7. Luxury Chandelier

Materials: Netherite Blocks, Diamond Blocks, a Block of Gold, Chains, Soul Lanterns, Purple Stained Glass Panes, White Stained Glass Panes, End Rods, Amethyst Clusters, and Medium and Large Amethyst Buds.

Inspired by Scyndir, you can now show off your mining effort by implementing the rare minerals on the chandelier.

With 5 netherite blocks and 8 diamond blocks as a chandelier base, your friends will be amazed the first time they walk into your home.

When building this design, watch out for any unexpected causes like creepers, lava sources, or fire since they can easily destroy your valuable blocks.

8. Strawberry Chandelier

Materials: Red Mushroom Blocks, White Stained Glass Panes, Red Stained Glass Panes, Red Netherbrick Walls, Lanterns, Melons, Dripleaves, End Rods, and Orange Candles.

This is by far the most creative Minecraft chandelier design idea you’ve seen!

Although it looks overwhelming and takes up so much space, the result is worth it.

The materials aren’t so challenging to obtain. You can farm melons, get drip leaves in the lush cave, craft glass panes using sand, and use silk touch tools to gather red mushroom blocks for the build.

9. Overgrown Chandelier

Materials: Mossy Cobblestones, Mossy Stone Brick Walls, Flower Pots with Flowering Azalea, Flowering Azalea Leaves, Glowberries, Spore Blossoms, Chains, and Lanterns.

Next, we have this lovely yet naturally overgrown chandelier for your ancient base.

In fact, overgrown design ideas always pay off because of their inspiring appearance and minimum effort to build. You can craft the mossy stone blocks in the new Minecraft updates. Then find the glow berries, azalea saplings, and spore blossoms in the lush caves.

On your way home, gather clay to make the flower pots!

10. Chinese Chandelier

Materials: Crimson Fences, Crimson Trapdoors, Black Glazed Terracottas, Flower Pots with Crimson Fungus, Note Blocks, End Rods, Red Stained Glass Panes, Chains, Shroomlights, and Lanterns.

Finally on the list is this Chinese chandelier design idea inspired by WWY Craft.

The design is massive and super detailed! However, it’s pretty easy to rebuild when you have all the materials on your side.

First, go to the Nether dimension and gather some crimson wood and shroomlights. Next, go to the End for some end rods. Then the rest of the materials can be found in the overworld.

Those are the 10 best Minecraft chandelier design ideas!

What’s your favorite idea? Let us know in the comment below.

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