Brigitte gains a monstrous shield in new Season 4 Overwatch 2 rework

Overwatch 2 Season 4 is already looking like the support patch players have been waiting for, with the introduction of a new support hero, Lifeweaver. But what’s even scarier to Genji mains probably isn’t the existence of new support. Instead, Brigitte is back to reign terror on flankers in Overwatch 2, with a new upgraded ultimate ability that’s bound to launch her high on the tier lists. Other supports to receive some major changes are Mercy and Moira, the latter of which also received a pretty hefty buff.

Brigitte’s introduction to Overwatch is marred in controversy, with her Shield Bash ability having a stun. However, after a series of reworks, Brigitte is no longer an offensive tour de force and is more of a defensive support with the capability to peel. However, Season 4 is taking us back on a journey to 2018, with Brigitte’s new ultimate rework. Her ultimate ability, Rally, now sports a massive shield, much wider than normal. While Rally is active, her shield will increase in size, gain 750 HP, and have the ability to stun again. Yup. Welcome back, Brigitte. Her Ultimate now also grants her 100 temporary armor, reducing her movement speed buff down to 15%, whilst keeping the temporary health buff for allies.

Overwatch 2 Season 4 support changes

In addition to Lifeweaver, some other supports are getting minor reworks or touch-ups. Mercy is getting another change, after some negative reception on her Season 3 rework. Her healing change from Season 3 is now reverted and is a simple 55 heal per second once again. Additionally, Mercy regained the ability to heal during her Valkyrie ultimate. The biggest change is another rework of her Guardian Angel ability. The cooldown is back to normal at 1.5 seconds, but if you jump cancel or crouch cancel, it will add a little bit of cooldown, keeping her insane mobility in check.

Moira is also receiving a big buff with an increase to her overall healing, as well as the ability to use Fade during her Coalescence ultimate. This should allow Moira to avoid getting this ultimate canceled and create some more playmaking abilities. Overall, this isn’t a great patch to be a Genji or Tracer main, but as a support main, I’m loving all these changes. Check out the full patch notes here.

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