Diablo 4: Best Necromancer Builds

For the Open Beta of Diablo 4, we were given a taste of the untapped power of the Necromancer class. They are probably one of the more versatile classes—you can use the army of the undead or be a nuisance behind the party. Plus, you can potentially feel very powerful early on. However, it’s good to know what builds work since they can change how you play. So, here are the best Necromancer builds in Diablo 4.

What are the best Necromancer builds in Diablo 4?

Depending on how you play, there could be something in this class that could feed your appetite. Follow along to see if any builds could help you in Diablo 4.

Blood Surge build

If you want to be annoying and cause massive AoE damage, this build could be something that you should look into. You can draw blood using the Blood Surge abilities, which makes your enemies weaker, so follow-up attacks should come with ease. On the offensive end, Hemmorhage will be your best friend—this is where the build becomes a powerhouse. It makes the enemy’s blood explode, which causes damage to their overall health. The more enemies appear the stronger the attack will be, so it can be a good idea to spam this attack since it generates essence. Finally, Supreme Blood Wave summons a massive wave of…blood and drops blood orbs for health.

Bone Spear build

This build allows the Necromancer to use anything and everything on the battlefield. For example, every time you kill an enemy, corpses will appear. If you have the Corpse Explosion skill, you can do what the name entails, which is to make corpses detonate. This ability can be upgraded to add shockwaves to the attack. With the Bone Spear skill, you can hurl spears at the enemy that can do devastating damage and could also slow them down once leveled up fully. Basically, this builds gives the Necromancer the ability to make weapons out of their enemies.

Additionally, you can use Bone Splinters as a ranged attack to keep enemies at bay and generate essence.

Also note, in order to get the full potential of a build like this, make sure you have enough corpses. Because if you don’t, these attacks will not work.

Summoner build

Using this build can make Diablo 4 fairly easy for the Necromancer because you won’t have to do much. You unleash your army of the undead by using either the warrior skeletons or the mages. Your warriors can do damage in close combat, and the mages can be the ranged attacks. Either way, they’ll be doing most of the attacks. With this build, you’ll also be able to summon corpses with the Decompose skill, so you can make the fight go in your favor this way.

This is probably the ultimate way to play as a Necromancer in Diablo 4 because you can combine other builds with this one which could enhance many attacks.

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