How to get the Greatest Jubilee in Vampire Survivors

The Greatest Jubilee is a powerful and festive weapon featured in Vampire Survivors. Once you secure it, you’ll be able to throw the party to end all parties (and to end a lot of your adversaries). Obtaining it isn’t easy, however. Here is our guide explaining how to get the Greatest Jubilee in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors – how to get the Greatest Jubilee weapon

The Greatest Jubilee doesn’t deal a lot of damage, but it’s one of the best weapons in Vampire Survivors by virtue of its range (especially after you power it up). You’ll want to include it as part of any build you create for farming purposes.

To obtain the Greatest Jubilee, you must defeat the Director. For the uninitiated, the Director is a villain that only appears at the end of the Eudaimonia Machine, a stage first introduced in the version 1.0 update to Vampire Survivors. To unlock the Eudaimonia Machine stage (also known as Eudaimonia M), you first need to obtain all relics found in the standard stages. If you’ve only begun your journey, that means you’ll need to grind quite a lot.

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Once you gain access to the necessary stage, head north from the entrance to meet with the Mysterious Entity. It looks a bit like a cosmic bush with various appendages. A text window asks whether you have found the game too easy or too hard. Choose “Too Easy” to return to the title screen and receive Gracia’s Mirror, a relic that unlocks Inverse Mode.

Activate “Inverse Mode” and enter a standard stage of your choosing. Then exit it and return to the Eudaimonia Machine stage. Select the “Too Hard” option this time. You’ll receive the Seventh Trumpet relic and unlock Endless Mode. Enter another standard stage with that option enabled and then exit again.

When you return to the Eudaimonia M stage a third time, you’re in for a grueling battle. It’s a multi-stage confrontation, so definitely approach with a plan for how to defeat The Director. When you finally defeat that boss, a cutscene follows. Then you receive the Greatest Jubilee. It’s one of the finest weapons available in Vampire Survivors.

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