WD Black PS5 SSD Now Available With $125 Discount

Best Buy has an incredible offer currently for what is a rather large SSD, and it’s quite the doozy. The retailer currently has a WD Black PS5 SSD reduced from $239 to $115, a full discount of $125 on a 1TB Internal SSD. Upgrading your storage will lead to you being able to install as many games as you want and use the rather brilliant loading speeds of the PS5 itself to the fullest potential.

Get the PS5 SSD discount at Best Buy

Get the WD Black SN850 1TB Internal Storage for $115 here.

The WD Black SN850 1TB Internal Storage SSD is officially licensed for the PlayStation 5 console, allowing you to install and play both PS5 and PS4 games. There’s actually even an all-in-one heatsink that makes both the installation and the set-up of the device pretty easy, using the PS5’s M.2 expansion slot. In terms of actual read/write speeds, you have a 7000MB/s read speed that gets you into the games a lot quicker, and your write speed is extremely high which means that your games download pretty quickly.

You can also pick up a new Soundbar to go along with your PS5, or if you don’t have a PS5, pick up a secondhand PS5 console.

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