Best Build for Natasha – Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons and Abilities

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Honkai: Star Rail sends you on Trailblazer expeditions. The first one finds you landing on a snow-covered planet where many of the neatest people are living in the shadows of their leaders. One such character is Natasha, a capable healer who tends to the needs of her ailing people. Here is our guide on the Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons, and abilities you need to create the best build for Natasha in Honkai Star Rail.

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Best build for Natasha in Honkai Star Rail: Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons, and Abilities

If you are fortunate enough to draw Bailu as your 5-star character, you probably won’t spend a lot of time with Natasha in your party. Otherwise, she’s likely to prove your main healer. That’s an important role and you want to get it right.

To make the most of Natasha, keep her energy high and equip her with gear that maximizes healing output. You also want to make sure she has sufficient HP to withstand lucky hits by some of the more powerful bosses you’ll face on your journey.

Honkai Star Rail Natasha Gift Of Rebirth Ultimate

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For her Relic, mix Fleet of the Ageless with the Passerby of Wandering Cloud set (check our separate guide on where to find the Passerby of Wandering Cloud set if you need help). By combining the two sets, you’ll increase healing output by 10% and improve Natasha’s maximum HP, as desired.

The best Light Cone for Natasha is Time Waits for No One. It adds a further increase to outgoing healing. Once per turn, it allows Natasha to support an attacking friend by providing additional damage to the same element. However, free-to-play folks have a great option in the relatively common Cornucopia Light Cone, which will be easier to improve over the journey’s course.

Natasha’s Ultimate ability, Gift of Rebirth, offers a bunch of healing to your party members.  She acts more urgently when her allies have especially low HP reserves, as well. Besides that, she can remove a debuff. She’ll never be a heavy hitter compared to other characters. If you need a strong healer, however, you’ve found one in Natasha.

Natasha’s Eidolons allow her healing capabilities to expand, so that she is able to heal herself once per battle when suffering a substantial blow. They also enable her to provide continuous healing to damaged allies, keeping them in play if they manage to survive a brutal AoE attack by a buffed-up enemy. She’s terrific to have around.

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