Stardew Valley – What Gifts Does Sebastian Like

Sebastian is probably the most popular romance option in Stardew Valley. There aren’t many people that would say that Sebastian is a bad marriage candidate.

However, he does love some incredibly hard-to-get items. It might be harder to befriend him than any other NPC in Stardew Valley, as his loved gifts are all end-game materials.

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Luckily, there is an item that you can start making once Fall starts if you also managed to befriend his mother, Robin. Or, you can just befriend the local hobo to learn how to cook fish.

The best gifts that Sebastian likes in Stardew Valley are the Frozen Tear, Obsidian, Pumpkin Soup, Sashimi, and Void Egg.

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What Gifts Does Sebastian Like and Love in Stardew Valley

To befriend NPCs in Stardew Valley, you will have to give them gifts. Some will love some items, while others will hate them. Depending on their reaction, you will get different friendship points.

The normal limit of friendship hearts with villagers in Stardew Valley is 10 hearts. However, with Sebastian, as a bachelor, the limit is 14 hearts, which appears once you marry him.

To get hearts with Sebastian, you will need to start getting friendship points with him. Each heart in Stardew Valley is worth 250 friendship points, which will start slowly disappearing as time passes.

The best way to befriend someone is to give them gifts they love. This will increase your relationship with them by 80 friendship points. If you don’t have those items, you can also give them liked items, which will increase the relationship by 45 friendship points.

As long as you don’t give them disliked or hated items, you will only improve your relationship with NPCs by giving gifts. Since you only lose 2 points a day with them, the liked gifts will usually be enough.

There are some items in Stardew Valley that are universally loved by all NPCs, including Sebastian. These gifts are the Golden Pumpkin, Magic Rock Candy, Pearl, Prismatic Shard, and Rabbit’s Foot.

Here is a list of the gifts that Sebastian likes and loves in Stardew Valley, excluding the universally loved items, and how to get them:

Frozen TearMining – Floors 41-79Love
ObsidianMining – Magma Geode, Omni GeodeLove
Pumpkin SoupCooking – Robin, 7 HeartsLove
SashimiCooking – Linus, 3 HeartsLove
Void EggFarming – Void ChickenLove
FlounderFishing – The Beach, Spring and SummerLike

Best Gift to Give Sebastian in Stardew Valley

Out of all of those gifts, the best gift to give Sebastian in Stardew Valley is Sashimi. To make Sashimi, you just need any fish. This is an incredibly easy recipe to make, and you just need to reach 3 hearts with Linus to learn the recipe.

Just give Linus some forageable plants every chance you get, and you will reach those 3 hearts in no time.

Otherwise, the Pumpkin Soup is also a pretty good gift, but you can only grow pumpkins in the Fall, and you will need 7 hearts with Robin to unlock the recipe.

You can only give Sebastian 2 gifts a week and an extra one for his birthday on Winter 10. Gifts on birthdays get an x8 multiplier, which means that you can get 640 friendship points with him on Winter 10 if you give him a loved gift.

That’s everything you need to know about what gifts Sebastian likes and loves in Stardew Valley!

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