How many planets are in Jedi: Survivor? Answered

If you have experience playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and want to jump into the newly released Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you may want to know ahead of time how many planets you can visit. For reference, Fallen Order contained seven planets and locations to explore, so some may wonder if the sequel will add or subtract from that number. If this applies to you, then feel free to keep reading to find out the answer.

The total number of planets in Jedi: Survivor

Technically, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor only features a total of four planets that you can visit, namely Koboh, Jedah, Coruscant, and Tanaloor. But if you include other explorable celestial bodies, that number goes up to six. Both Shattered Moon and Nova Garon make up the other two major areas in Jedi: Survivor.

Since the game contains fewer major areas overall than Fallen Order, fans of the latter title might feel let down by this news. However, this does not take into account the size of each area, which can vary quite wildly. Being essentially the central hub of Jedi: Survivor, Koboh stands as easily the largest major area that players can roam around in. It dwarfs all of the areas from Fallen Order and then some, with Jedah not too far behind.

These two planets function as semi-open worlds, but not every area fits that description. In particular, Shattered Moon, Nova Garon, and Coruscant contain much less content than the other planets, serving mainly as brief, linear sections that progress the main story.

Although Jedi: Survivor will not blow any minds in regard to the number of planets, it at least features a handful of fleshed-out areas for Star Wars fans to get lost in. Having said that, they may want to wait until the developers address the numerous performance issues to get the most out of these locations.

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