Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s ‘Buggy’ Platinum Trophy Not Glitched, Just Hidden in Poop

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been widely criticized for its technical performance at launch, and one criticism was aimed at its trophies. Early reports claimed that it was unachievable because of one stingy collectible, but that ended up not being the case, since it was merely hidden in some poop.

The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Platinum trophy, for the most part, isn’t buggy

This “unobtainable” moniker mainly came from acclaimed trophy guide channel PowerPyx, as one of its guides writers noted that they were having problems with its “Splurgle” trophy. It revolves around a collectible that is marked on the map (which players can see after obtaining a certain upgrade) but doesn’t show up. Players could search all around the Nekko barn on Koboh to no avail, something PowerPyx noted that it did in its search.

Shortly after its official launch, however, user TheNanoBiologist, who was the first person in the world to achieve the Platinum, went to PSNProfiles to notify others of their findings and that the Priorite Shard wasn’t actually bugged, but just required some obtuse work. If players put a uniquely colored Nekko in the stable on the right and then go rest, there’s a chance that the creature will leave behind a pile of droppings with said piece of Priorite. The colors seemed to be different for everyone, but it appears as though the breeds that are mostly like to crap out a collectible are the ones with the brightest feathers.

Those who want to unlock the Platinum trophy don’t need to find every single collectible, but do need to pick up all 100 Priorite Shards, which was the holdup here. And while most of the trophies work as intended (and, granted players get the one missable trophy, can all even be attained in a single playthrough), there are some reports of “Perk of the Job” and “They’re Probably Fine” being a little on the glitchy side. Respawn Entertainment has announced another patch, but these semi-buggy trophies were not in the notes.

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