Honkai: Star Rail – how to raise your Equilibrium Level

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Honkai: Star Rail has numerous levels for you to keep track of. Leveling up your characters, weapons, and actual account is all daunting by itself. However, there’s also another leveling system for you to keep track of, and that’s your Equilibrium level. Your Equilibrium level is almost like your “world level,” managing the overall strength of the enemies you fight, the quests you can take, and the difficulty of certain dungeons or domains. Here’s how to level up your Equilibrium Level in Honkai: Star Rail.

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How to increase Equilibrium Level in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level

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In Honkai: Star Rail, you have both a player level and an Equilibrium level. You can check your player level and Equilibrium level by clicking the smartphone on the top left of your screen. You can raise your player level by completing quests and clearing dungeons, earning Trailblaze EXP in the process. You can raise your Equilibrium level by reaching different thresholds of your player level. For example, when you hit Equilibrium Level 20, you can level up to Equilibrium Level 1.

Additionally, when you reach this threshold, you have to complete a series of battles to actually up. These battles are known as a “Trial of the Equilibrium.” You unlock a trial at these level thresholds:

  • Trial of the Equilibrium 1 (Equilibrium Level 1): Trailblaze Level 20
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 2 (Equilibrium Level 2): Trailblaze Level 30
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 3 (Equilibrium Level 3): Trailblaze Level 40
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 4 (Equilibrium Level 4): Trailblaze Level 50
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 5 (Equilibrium Level 5): Trailblaze Level 60
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 6 (Equilibrium Level 6): Trailblaze Level 65

You’ll need to raise your Equilibrium Level to participate in some harder content, but to actually play the game, you don’t need to complete a Trial of the Equilibrium to progress in the story. Raising your Equilibrium Level will just make certain fights more difficult. Your Equilibrium Level also raises the level caps for your character and weapons, as well as character Traces and certain Ascension Materials.

Typically, you get access to a deluge of new content and rewards for raising your Equilibrium Level, so it’s highly recommended to do it whenever possible. You’ll also gain access to new Calyxes, Caverns of Corrosion, and Stagnant Shadows for raising your Equilibrium Level, which is important for gaining higher-tier materials. You can time whenever you level up if your characters are still weak, but you’ll want to level your Equilibirum Level eventually.


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