Stardew Valley – How to Level Up Farming

Stardew Valley is a life/farming simulator where players can do anything they want. You can find love, raise animals, fight monsters, and learn the secrets of Pelican Town.

However, since this is also a farming simulator, farming is a huge part of the game. Farming will be your best source of money, as all of the other activities will be fun but won’t be as profitable.

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Depending on your Farming level, you can make more and more money since the quality of the crops improves and you get new equipment to automate the process.

To level up Farming in Stardew Valley, you have to harvest plants and crops, pet animals, milk cows and goats, and collect animal products from your barns and coops.

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How to Level Up Farming in Stardew Valley

There are a couple of things you can do in Stardew Valley to level up your Farming skill:

  • Harvest Crops
  • Collect Resources from Animals
  • Pet Animals

Harvest Crops

Unfortunately, just planting crops and watering them won’t be enough to level up your character. You will have to wait for the crops to grow and harvest them to get experience.

The best way to get Farming XP is by planting and harvesting Ancient Fruit. The Ancient Fruit is the second-best crop when it comes to experience (38 XP per harvest), and it regrows.

If you get the Greenhouse and plant Ancient Fruit, you can get 38 XP every 7 days per crop. To get to Farming level 10, you will need 15k XP.

This means that you need to harvest 395 Ancient Fruit to get from level 0 to level 10. However, if you quickly want to level up Farming in the first Spring, you should only plant Kale.

Kale has a really high XP yield (17 XP per harvest), and it grows in only 6 days. With only 23 Kale crops, you can get to level 2 Farming. Since Kale Seeds are also extremely cheap (70 g at Pierre’s), allowing you to quickly get to a relatively high level in the first in-game Spring.

When it comes to crops that give you more than one item per harvest, you will only get the XP for the item once. For example, if you have a Potato crop and the harvest yields two potatoes from one plant, you will only get the 14 XP you would get for a single Potato.

In general, the best experience crops for Spring, Summer, and Fall are the ones that also make the highest amount of money when you sell them.

Collecting Animal Products

Once you get a Barn or Coop, you will be able to buy animals from Marnie’s Ranch. Animals are a really good source of Farming XP and money, as they constantly produce items if you feed them every day.

Most animals in Stardew Valley produce items every day. Chickens leave eggs, sheep can be sheared, and cows and goats can be milked.

Each time you collect a resource from these animals, you will get 5 Farming XP. Though this might not sound like a lot, having a lot of animals will result in a lot of daily XP.

Chickens will leave eggs in the Coop every day. This means that you will get at least 20 Farming XP per day from them if you fully fill up a normal, non-upgraded Coop.

Unfortunately, you have to keep in mind that Truffles won’t give you any Farming XP. Instead, you will get Foraging XP.

Pet Animals

Though this is not the best way to level up your Farming skill in Stardew Valley, it is good to know that petting your animals will also help you get experience. Every time you pet an animal you get 5 Farming XP.

Since you can also make a lot of XP from the farm animals in general from their products, you should also keep in mind that just petting them daily will help you level up your Farming skill.

This means that if you have, for example, a fully filled Deluxe Coop, you can get 120 XP every day just by petting your Chickens and collecting their eggs.

That’s everything you need to know about how to level up Farming in Stardew Valley!

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