Rust – Can You Sleep in the Outpost?

One of the biggest problems that most players will face in Rust is offline raids. There is no place in the world where players can hide. Someone will find your base, and they will raid it while you are offline.

However, if you played for a bit, you might have discovered that there are several safe locations on the map where no one can kill you. If someone tries to kill you in one of these Safe Zones, the NPCs and turrets will start destroying them.

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The Outpost is probably the best Safe Zone monument in Rust, as it offers the largest selection of facilities and vendors. You can get almost anything you want from this location.

But, the real question everyone is wondering is if you can sleep in the Outpost in Rust, and the answer is no.

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Can You Sleep in the Outpost Safe Zone in Rust?

You cannot sleep in the Outpost in Rust, as you will die when you wake up. There is a 30-minute time limit if you log out of the game while in the Outpost in which you are safe.

Once 30 minutes have passed, you will die. However, you don’t just die there after 30 minutes have passed. You will die when you log back in.

This is why many players might see others sleeping in the Outpost for days. They just logged out of the game and never logged back into your server. If they logged back in, their character would despawn, and their loot would disappear.

So, if you see someone sleeping in the Outpost, they either have a maximum of 30 minutes to come back, or they will die when they log back in.

There is also a myth that the turrets and the AI are the ones that kill you after some time passes, but that isn’t true. Nobody is actually going to touch you.

Can You Sleep in Any Safe Zone Monument in Rust?

You might be wondering if it is possible to sleep in any other Rust monuments that have a Safe Zone, such as the Bandit Camp or the Fishing Village.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to safely sleep at any monument that is considered a Safe Zone. You will just die when you log back in. You can, however, sleep at any other monument without any repercussions.

If you find a nice spot to hide at the Junkyard, for example, you can log out and come back at any time without dying.

So, don’t log out while you are inside the Outpost, Bandit Camp, Fishing Village, or Ranch, as you will just die when you come back.

That’s everything you need to know about sleeping in the Outpost in Rust!

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