Honkai Star Rail: Aeons and Stellaron explained

The lore behind the world of Honkai: Star Rail is rich, yet sometimes confusing. In this sci-fi strategy RPG, there are other-worldly beings called Aeons, as well as the mysterious Stellaron. Throughout playing, you can begin to learn about them, but not everything makes sense. So to clear up your confusion, we’ll explain everything about Aeons and Stellaron in Honkai: Star Rail.

Who are the Aeons?

You have to think of the Aeons like gods. If you’re an avid Genshin Impact player, you’ll probably relate Aeons to Archons, who are also gods. There are plenty of different Aeons in Honkai: Star Rail, but there are seven main ones that you should understand first. Each Aeon is connected to a Path, which each playable character uses during combat.

  • Nanook the Destruction
  • Qlipoth the Preservation
  • Yaoshi the Abundance
  • Lan the Hunt
  • Xipe the Harmony
  • Nous the Erudition
  • IX the Nihility

Nanook the Destruction

Nanook is all about destruction and war. The Antimatter Legion, which showed up at the beginning of the game, follows Nanook. Basically, Nanook and their followers only care about the destruction of all life, and believe the creation of the universe was a mistake.

But just because some of the characters use the Path of Destruction, like the Physical Trailblazer, Hook, and Clara, that doesn’t mean they also worship Nanook. Although, this Path focuses on great amounts of damage, as well as survivability.

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Qlipoth the Preservation

You’ll understand this Aeon further once you arrive on Jarilo-VI, the planet plagued with constant snow and ice. Qlipoth is also known as the Amber Lord, and is the Aeon of Preservation. They’re one of the oldest Aeons, and survives surrounded by walls of Amber. The IPC—Interastral Peace Corporation—worships this Aeon, calling it the one true god. But some initial followers turned away from Qlipoth when there was so sign that they were ending the Eternal Freeze on Jarilo-VI.

Any playable character that follow the Path of Preservation dedicates their role in combat to shielding and protecting teammates, such as Gepard or March 7th. If you’ve finished the main quests on Jarilo-VI, you’ll also notice that you’ve unlocked the Fire Trailblazer, which also follows this path.

Yaoshi the Abundance

The Xianzhou Luofu is the next place in the main story quests, which relates to this Aeon. Yaoshi apparently planted an Ambrosial Arbor on this massive Flagship. This tree bestowed fruit which gave immortality, but of course, there’s always a price. Then came long-lasting effects from immortality, turning these people into beasts, such as the ‘Mara-Struck Soldiers’ you fight.

The other problem with Yaoshi came when they gave the same gift to other species, which in turn caused devastating wars. The wars over these priceless fruits was intercepted by Lan of the Hunt, who the Xianzhou Luofu now worships. Characters like Natasha or Bailu follow this Path, and can heal their allies.

Honkai Star Rail Lan The Hunt Aeon

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Lan the Hunt

Speaking of, let’s talk about the Aeon of the Hunt. The Xianzhou Lufou, as explained before, follows the ‘Reignbow Arbiter’, another name for Lan. Lan saved them from the wars that caused such bloodshed. This god is known for wandering between worlds and ridding them of undead, poisonous beings. Lan is rivals with Yaoshi, since they stand in opposition with their views.

Characters like Dan Heng, Seele, and Yanqing follow the Path of the Hunt, who deal high amounts of damage to single targets.

Nous the Erudition

Originally, this Aeon was an astral computer, and omnipotent being who then ascended to godhood. They provide answers to mysteries of the universe, and connect to people with high intelligence. The faction called the Genius Society is devoted to this Aeon, since Nous invites people across the galaxy to join.

You find out at the beginning of the game that Herta is apart of the Genius Society, and follows the Path of the Erudition in combat. Himeko, Serval and Qingque also follow this path, but aren’t apart of the Genius Society. Erudition focuses on multi-target attacks to groups of enemies.

Honkai Star Rail Aeons Nous Xipe

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Xipe the Harmony

The Aeon of the Harmony, Xipe, only yearns for all worlds to live in harmony and happiness. To gain this harmony, one must strip themselves of all selfishness, and let go of differences with other individuals. But of course, this unity means no one can disagree with each other, which could in turn lead to conflict. Characters like Asta, Bronya and Tingyun follow this path by boosting their allies’ combat capabilities.

IX the Nihility

Spirals of mist surround the most mysterious Aeon, IX the Nihility. They don’t really interact with the other Aeons, nor do they speak with mortals. IX believes that the fate of the universe is worthless nothingness. Just like their mysteriousness, we don’t know much else about IX. But any character who follows the Path of Nihility can give debuffs to enemies, such as Pela, Welt, and Sampo.

What are Stellaron?

Now that we’ve explained everything we know about Aeons in Honkai: Star Rail, let’s quickly cover Stellaron. What you probably know about Stellaron is the fact that the Trailblazer is one themselves. You can describe them as mysterious objects across the universe that are like a ‘cancer’.

Stellaron Fragmentum

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Their nickname is the ‘Cancer of All Worlds’ according to the IPC, and they can cause major destruction to civilizations. A Stellaron’s effects can cause Fragmentum, which are anomalies that spawn corrupt monsters. You’ve probably noticed a few sticking around places like the Herta Space Station, or on Jarilo-VI.

Herta herself says that Stellaron are lifeforms that respond to the desires of the world they’re connected with. But sometimes, like in Belebog, there are consequences. The Trailblazer has a Stellaron in their body, which peaks the interest of the Stellaron Hunters. Kafka is one of them, who you play at the beginning before you get the Trailblazer. This faction is dedicated to collecting Stellarons for themselves, and are enemies of the IPC.

Honkai: Star Rail is still in development with continuous updates, so we can’t explain everything about Aeons or Stellarons just yet. But for now, hopefully your knowledge on this game’s lore is much stronger!

Honkai: Star Rail is available via its official website.

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