Are Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom? Answered

If you played anything of Breath of the Wild, even if you haven’t touched it in several years. You definitely remember the Koroks and their little hide-and-seed challenge. No one can forget the Koroks. They have existed as far back as Wind Waker, being transformed versions of the Kokiri from Ocarina of Time after the Great Flood. Yet despite this earlier appearance, their presence in Breath of the Wild is the one most referenced for them being everywhere with their world famous ultimate collectible mechanic of Korok Seeds. But at least they’re (hopefully?) not Imp form Kokiri anymore. So now with the Koroks summoned back from the recesses of your memory, and with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom out, the important question remains: do they return for round two? Let’s find out: are Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom?

Finding the Seed Companions in a hopeless place

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Yes. No room for ambiguity there.

The game takes about half an hour to tell this to you in an abundantly clear fashion. You’ll find a Korok lazing about looking for his friend. More on how to solve that puzzle here.

Are Koroks In Tears Of The Kingdom Answered Korok Pals

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Nonetheless, you’ll find his friend on another island nearby, and get a pair of Korok Seeds for your trouble in reuniting them. We are doing this again, whether you missed this mechanic or could have lived without seeing them again.

Are Koroks In Tears Of The Kingdom Answered Korok Seeds

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The Korok Seed inventory description is about the same gist as in Breath of the Wild, implying we will in fact see them all over the place again. It seems for as long as the Zelda series takes place in this specific Hyrule, the Koroks are going to be around doing whatever they want and do best.

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