Rust – How to Use Emotes

Communication in Rust is a big part of the experience. Even though most players first shoot and then talk, you can make a lot of friends or enemies by communicating with everyone around you.

Emotes, or, as they are called in-game, Gestures, are a really good way to convey your feelings to other players without having to use a mic or write paragraphs in the chat.

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Just press a button and quickly clap, give a thumbs up, or just simply wave your hand. All of these actions will improve your Rust experience once you know how to do them.

To use emotes in Rust, you will just have to press and hold B on your keyboard and select the gesture you want to use.

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How to Use Emotes in Rust

To use emotes in Rust, you just have to hold down B on your keyboard and click on the gesture you want to use. There are 13 emotes you can use, and most of them will involve you showing other players your emotions.

Three of the emotes are also dances that loop forever, so you can use one when you have to leave the computer for a bit to distract enemies.

If you’ve changed the key binds before and B doesn’t open up the emotes menu, then here is how to set the key bind for emotes in Rust:

  1. Open the menu and go into Options.
  2. Go into the Controls settings and scroll all the way down to Misc.
  3. Change the key for “Gesture.”

There are players that prefer to quickly change key bindings from the command console, so here is the command to change the emotes wheel button in Rust: bind ‘key’ +gestures.

Instead of ‘key,’ you will have to write the key you want to use for the emote wheel. For example, to set the default B key, you would have to write “bind b +gestures”.

How to Use Emotes in Rust Console Edition – How to Disable Emote Wheel

To open up the emote wheel in Rust Console Edition, you will have to press the right thumbstick. A lot of console players will often open the emote wheel by mistake, and it can end up in death.

This is why we will also tell you how to disable the emote wheel in the Rust Console Edition since it can often create more problems than it solves.

To remove the emote wheel in Rust Console Edition, you just have to go into the game Options, then into Controls, and scroll down to Input Preferences. Turn On the Disable Quick Chat option, and the emote wheel will disappear. 

That’s everything you need to know about how to use emotes in Rust!

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