How to Find the Fourth Temple of Time Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, like Breath of the Wild before it, doesn’t hide every shrine in plain sight. One of the trickier shrines to find puts up a fight in the game’s opening hours. Here is our guide on how to find the fourth Temple of Time shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – how to find the fourth Temple of Time shrine

Once you start exploring the Great Sky Island region near the start of the game, you soon find yourself seeking out power in three shrines. You can complete them in any order. Doing so enables you to finally enter the Temple of Time, where you gain an additional ability. This exploration reveals there is a fourth shrine you must also clear in order to proceed.

To find the fourth Temple of Time shrine, fast travel to the Room of Awakening and then take a new route through the cave. Your destination is Nachoyah Shrine. The new route you follow to that destination depends on your personal preference.

Totk Room Of Awakening Rotating Gears

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First, there is what a person might call the ‘normal’ approach. In the Room of Awakening, start forward and and ascend the staircase. Near the top, look to the left. You’ll spot a stone slab atop four stone pillars. Stand beneath the slab and use Arise to pass through the slab so that you are standing on it and facing the rotating gears.

Now, you need to head across those gears to reach an opening in the wall on the far side of the chamber. This feat you accomplish by using the Recall ability. Activate it when the nearest gear arm has just dropped below a position even with the slab where you stand. Then hop onto that gear and run across it to its far arm. From the end of that arm, hop onto the next gear. Run across it also. You should reach the far ledge and opening with plenty of time to spare. The opening leads along a narrow passage to Nachoyah Shrine.

Totk Room Of Awakening Secret Exit Through Ceiling

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The second approach, which I prefer because I find it slightly easier and a lot sneakier, is less conventional. I’m not certain it is one the developers intended. Start by proceeding through the cave, much the way you did on your initial visit near the very start of the game. When you reach the first green ring of light on a high ledge that prompts you to jump into a pool of water, ignore that recommendation. Instead, bring up the Ascend ability. If you are in position, this produces the usual green web overhead to indicate you can pass through the ceiling.

Ascend through the ceiling and you’ll appear outside on much higher ground. Head uphill and around the giant stump to find a treasure chest. Open it for Wing (3). Then, descend along the grassy slope. Ahead, you’ll see a long runway for some of the Wing devices. Drop to their level and look back against the wall you just descended. You’ll see an opening to the cave where Nachoyah Shrine’s entrance waits.

If you need help with the shrine itself, now that you’ve found it, make sure to check out our guide on how to solve the Nachoyah Shrine puzzles.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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