Project Zomboid – Where to Find Sledgehammer

The sledgehammer is one of the most useful tools in Project Zomboid, capable of both smashing through barricades and walls and being a deadly weapon against the undead.

However, finding a sledgehammer can be a challenge, especially for newbies.

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This post will show you where to find the sledgehammer in Project Zomboid.

In Project Zomboid, you can find the sledgehammer in hardware stores, construction sites, garages, or crates. There’s also a small chance you can get the sledgehammer in the weapon container in your spawn house.

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Where to Find Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid

Most players prefer to use the sledgehammer to destroy tiles, walls, or doors, thanks to its 40 damage against doors. Therefore, it’s worth having a sledgehammer in your inventory.

Construction sites are the most common places to find a sledgehammer in Project Zomboid. These sites are often found in urban areas, usually marked with other construction equipment (high wooden fences, wire fences, logs, creates, construction cones, etc.).

Rosewood and Muldraugh have one construction site in the suburban area.

The construction site in Muldraugh is quite far from the central city.

So, getting yourself a car first is advisable for easier traveling.

While in West Point, you can find a construction site right in the southeast of the town.

Louisville has two construction sites located in the suburban area. One is in the southwest direction, as below.

Another construction site in Louisville is located in the south, near the big mall.

Scour the area, and you may be able to find a sledgehammer lying in those cardboard boxes or crates. There are some locked houses in the construction area, and you can easily access them after obtaining the sledgehammer to loot more resources.

Riverside has no construction site, so your only options are hardware stores, garages, and crates.

The shelves and storage areas of the hardware stores are other places to look for a sledgehammer. These stores can be found in all towns and cities, and they often have a wide variety of tools and equipment available.

Finally, you can also find a sledgehammer in a garage or crates. These structures and items can be found in both urban and rural areas, and they often contain a variety of tools and equipment.

The sledgehammer can also spawn within weapon containers in your starting house. However, the chance is rare, so you should look for other locations.

While finding a sledgehammer can take time and effort, it can be well worth it.

That’s where to find a sledgehammer in Project Zomboid!

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