How to get into the cold part of Great Sky Island in Tears of the Kingdom

After the Ukouth Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the game points out to you two more Shrines you need to go to. But if you head off to one of them you may not realize it’s in a cold, frozen area of the map like the second coming of Snowpeak. This is no unfamiliar mechanic, as Breath of the Wild had the same thing going with frozen areas, but this is the beginning of the game. How are you supposed to get past this? The answer is actually easy, it’s just hidden away. Here’s how to get into the cold part of Great Sky Island in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to get to the shrine in the icy island while Link is still shirtless

How to get into the cold part of Great Sky Island is just a matter of exploring far enough. You have to approach the icy part of the map from a certain angle. Specifically, the bottom entrance near the Device Dispenser in the low section of the map.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

It’s over by this entrance the game hands you an easy solution on a silver platter: Spicy peppers growing in the wild.

Spicy Pepper Saviors

Screenshot by PC Invasion

But it gets better. Off to the side where all these peppers are growing, you’ll even find a construct with a cooking pot. Now you can cook all of the peppers together, and there you have it. Spicy Sauteéd Peppers.

If you cook the maximum amount of five, that’s twelve and a half minutes of cold resistance. Plenty of time to traverse the cold area, find the shrine, do the puzzle, and get back out, with other plates of sauteéd peppers kept on reserve in case it runs out.

In terms of getting into the area, however, this entrance isn’t the most straightforward if you choose to use it. There are icy cliffs that you can’t climb.

Platform Climbing

Screenshot by PC Invasion

I recommend grabbing the floating platform nearby in the same area of the map and using it as a stepping stool to climb up the mountain before it turns icy. If you get it as high up as possible, it just barely works.

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