Rust – How to Get Rope

To survive in the harsh world of Rust, you will need a lot of resources. Without the necessary items, you can easily die.

Most players like to think that Stone or Metal Fragments are the most important resources in the game. Well, though they are extremely important, most craftable items will also require different things to make.

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Rope is an extremely important item in Rust that you will need to make some of the most important items in the game, such as the Satchel Charge or the Compound Bow.

To get Rope in Rust, players will either have to look for it in barrels, buy it for Cloth at the Outpost, or use a smart trick to buy it for Scrap.

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How to Get Rope in Rust

There are three ways you can get Rope in Rust:


The first option is the most common one, as most players can easily find Rope while scavenging in Rust. They have a relatively high spawn rate when you destroy barrels, making them relatively easy to get.

The best way to get Rope in Rust by looting is to either walk on roads and destroy every barrel that you find or get a boat and look for barrels to destroy on the trash piles. Both methods are good, and they work well no matter which way you prefer to play Rust.

If you like going on water to look for resources, you should also look for sunken treasures. The Sunken Crate and Sunken Chest have a really high rate of spawning Rope, and you can find them easily if you spend most of your time on the water.


If you don’t want to go looking for Rope in Rust, you can always get it by buying it in exchange for Cloth. At the Components vendor in the Outpost, players can give 30 Cloth to get 1 ft. of Rope.

This, however, is a horrible trade. 30 Cloth is worth much more than 1 ft. of Rope. This is why, if you really want to purchase Rope, you should use the next method.


Recycling is an amazing way to get resources in Rust. When you find items in the world, you can recycle them in exchange for half of the resources that were needed to craft that item.

However, that is not the important part. The important part is that Sewing Kits will give you 2 ft. of Rope and 10 Cloth every time you recycle them.

Tactical Gloves, which are available for purchase at the Oupost’s Output Outfitters vendor for 40 Scrap, will give you 5 Sewing Kits. This means that you can get 10 Rope for 40 Scrap if you just purchased Tactical Gloves and then recycled them.

Since you can go through this whole process in the Outpost, you don’t even have to think about exchanging Cloth for Rope. Instead of giving 30 Cloth for 1 Rope, you can give 40 Scrap for 10 Rope.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Rope in Rust!

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