How to increase inventory space

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When you start your journey in Tears of the Kingdom, you’re bound to find out just how little inventory space you have. Whether it’s weapons, bows, or shields, you can fill up your pouches pretty quickly. If you remember from Breath of the Wild, you could get more inventory slots by giving Korok Seeds to Hestu. Are you now wondering how to increase inventory space in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? We have an answer for you.

How to increase inventory space in Tears of the Kingdom

Luckily, increasing slots in your inventory works about the same as it did in Break of the Wild. Once you make it off Great Sky Island, progress through some of the main story quests and you’ll eventually find Hestu. On your way to Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower, west of Hyrule Castle, you’ll find Hestu and start the quest ‘Hestu’s Concerns’. All he wants is at least one Korok Seed. Just like in Breath of the Wild, you can find Korok seeds all across Hyrule by doing small puzzles or stumbling upon Koroks.

How To Increase Inventory Space Tears Of The Kingdom

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Once you give Hestu a Korok Seed, he’ll let you trade them in for inventory space. The cost for one space will start with one Korok Seed, but with every purchase, the price raises. You can choose between upgrading your weapon, bow, or shield slots. After a trade or two, Hestu will move on to another area in Hyrule. I found him next at Lookout Landing, but there are many more spots Hestu could appear.

We’re not sure on the exact number of Korok Seeds there are, as Tears of the Kingdom recently released. But since the last game had 900 Korok Seeds, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the sequel have the same amount or more. Stay tuned for an article on how many Korok Seeds there are in this game!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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