Rust – Where to Get and Use a Red Keycard

There are a lot of hidden items and locations in Rust that you can only access by exploring a lot and using special colored keycards.

These locations usually yield a lot of Scrap and end-game resources that will make the Rust experience a lot more entertaining. The Red Keycard is the hardest keycard to get in Rust, and it is also the most useful one.

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Though the other keycards are usually used to get higher-level keycards, the red one will only show you high-tier loot that you could only get by crafting the Level 3 Workbench.

In this guide, we will try to help you find the Red Keycard by showing you the locations where you can find it and exactly where you can use it in Rust to get special equipment.

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Where to Get a Red Keycard in Rust

There are exactly 5 monuments where you can find and get a Red Keycard in Rust:

  • Airfield
  • Arctic Base
  • Power Plant
  • Train Yard
  • Water Treatment

For most of these locations, you will have to use a Blue Keycard and access a special room that will usually hold the Red Keycard inside. Unfortunately, you will also have to solve a complicated electricity puzzle to get in.

Use Blue Keycard to Get Red Keycard

The Arctic Base might be the best location to get a Red Keycard, as you won’t have to solve any puzzle to get the card. The only problem with this location is that you will find a lot of hostile enemies here.

If you have the necessary firepower, you can take out all the scientists here and use a Blue Keycard to open one of the large red garages to find a Red Keycard inside. The one on the left will have the keycard, while the one on the right will have a Snowmobile inside.

The Water Treatment monument is also an amazing choice, as you will only need to bring an Electric Fuse with you. Just find the blue door where you need to use the Blue Keycard, follow the electric lines all the way to the switch for the door, and use the Electric Fuse to get the thing started.

The Water Treatment has no enemies, so you can start exploring as much as you want to get the Red Keycard that you need.

The only problem is that you will also have to bring an Electric Fuse with you. You will also have to run a lot, as the distance between the switch and the door is really big.

The other monuments are relatively annoying, as you will need to complete much harder puzzles and also fight enemies. For most of them, you will also need a Green Keycard to get to the Blue Keycard door, which makes these locations relatively bad for acquiring the Red Keycard in Rust.

Unfortunately, there is no way to buy a Red Keycard for Scrap in Rust. This would make this much easier, but the game doesn’t offer the possibility.

Where to Use a Red Keycard in Rust

There are four monuments where you can use the Red Keycard to get some amazing loot in Rust:

  • Launch Site
  • Military Tunnels
  • Oil Rig
  • Underwater Labs

Best Monuments Where You Can Use the Red Keycard

Using the Red Keycard in these locations can be usually very dangerous, but worth it. The best place to use the Red Keycard is the Launch Site.

It has a relatively easy puzzle to solve, where you will need two Electric Fuses, a Green Keycard, and the Red Keycard, but you won’t have any enemies to face besides the patrolling Bradley.

To solve the puzzle, you will just have to find the Green Keycard room and place an Electric Fuse inside at the switch, then go to the big facility at the Launch Site where the Red Keycard doors are.

If you follow the wires, you can find an office building where you can place another Electric Fuse and activate the red doors.

Once you open the red doors, your ultimate goal will be to reach the roof of the building, where the ruined helicopter can be found. You should find a lot of Elite Crates all over the building.

Otherwise, if you like fighting, the Large Oil Rig is the best monument to use the Red Keycard. You can find the Red Keycard room at the top of the Large Oil Rig, and you don’t need to solve any puzzles.

Players that head into the Red Keycard room in both the Large and Small Oil Rig will find a Locked Crate inside. If they start opening one of these, all hell will break loose. However, the loot inside will usually be worth it.

That’s everything you need to know about where to get and use a Red Keycard in Rust!

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