How to work the rail in Susuyai Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

The Susuyai Shrine’s a bit of an odd puzzle among the Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The first part is very straightforward and easy to identify by sight alone. But the last puzzle may not be as intuitive by sight alone and require some head scratching and trial and error. If you’re not quite figuring it out for yourself, here’s how to work the rail in Susuyai Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Susuyai Shrine Rail Puzzle- Location and solution

First off, this Shrine is located near the bottom of the Central Hyrule portion of the map. It’s in the lower part of Passeri Greenbelt towards Mount Daphnes.

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When you’re inside, you’re greeted by, of all things, stone slabs with wheels going back and forth in a game of Frogger. Whatever you say, Zonai technology. This part’s easy enough- you Ultrahand the carts away and cross one way or another. Then you get a pinwheel that needs to be spun to open a door, nothing Ultrahand followed by Recall can’t solve. No, it’s the third and final puzzle that’s not the most visually intuitive.

Susuyai The Third Puzzle Layout

Screenshot by PC Invasion

You’re greeted by a rail, a platform to ride it with, and two wheels.

The problem with this layout is it’s misleading. You are not attaching the wheels to the end of the platform like it’s a car. It’s definitely not a car. You only need one wheel to solve this puzzle.

It’s all about the actual placement of the single wheel. To properly work the rail in the Susuyai Shrine, rip the platform off the rail and attach the wheel to the top facing down, like this:

Wheel Rail Shrine

Screenshot by PC Invasion

This will allow the wheel to ride the rail and get you to the end of the puzzle. It’s safest to activate it using an arrow, but if you don’t want to waste the ammo, use Recall to mount it if it speeds away from you.

Rail Wheel Ride

Screenshot by PC Invasion

And with that, now you can finish the Shrine with ease and get your shiny ball of light. Who knew engineering was so hard?

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