Cute Management Sim ‘Little Big Workshop’ Is Coming to iOS and Android on June 13th With Pre-Orders Now Live – TouchArcade

HandyGames just announced that the cute management simulation game Little Big Workshop () from Mirage Game Studios is coming to iOS and Android next month as a premium release. Little Big Workshop has you building your own factory empire. It debuted on PC and console platforms, and will be hitting mobile on June 13th with pre-orders now live. It will feature multiple unique industry simulations, a focus on practical problems, organization of all production steps, day/night cycle, and more. HandyGames does great ports, and I’m interested in playing Little Big Workshop when it arrives next month. Watch the Little Big Workshop mobile announcement trailer below:

Little Big Workshop is priced at $9.99 on mobile. It usually sells for $19.99 on PC and consoles. You can pre-order Little Big Workshop on the App Store for iOS here and pre-register for it on Google Play for Android here. Having never played it before, I’m interested to see how it controls on touch and also how it runs when things get hectic. I’ll be checking it out on my iPad Pro next month. Ahead of its launch, check out the official website here and Steam page here for impressions around the PC port. Have you played Little Big Workshop before or will you be trying it when it hits iOS and Android on June 13th?

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