Where to Find Tulin in Tears of the Kingdom

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In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will meet a friendly bird warrior named Tulin. Most of his people don’t take him seriously. He’s anxious to prove himself, so he goes off on his next adventure. Your job is to meet up with him again so you can do great things together. Here is our guide on where to find Tulin in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – where to find Tulin

After you meet Tulin and he abruptly leaves, the game introduces the lengthy Tulin of Rito Village main quest. Depending how much you have powered up Link and his gear, you may not be ready to see this one through to his conclusion. Ideally, you should have at least two pieces of the Snowquill set, which you can purchase one piece at a time in Rito Village. The available pieces are the Snowquill Tunic (500 rupees), the Snowquill Headdress (650 rupees), and the Snowquill Trousers (1,000 rupees). They help you to withstand freezing cold temperatures, which impact this quest. I thought I had more than enough supplies on hand to see the quest through to its conclusion without taking a break. I was wrong.

To find Tulin, go to Hebra South Summit Cave and work your way through it, then climb the slopes beyond it. Tulin waits near a lone tree at high elevation, but getting there requires a bit of a journey.

Totk Find Tulin Approaching Headed To Hebra South Summit Cave

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From where you first met Tulin, look out from the balcony to spot two glowing red points on the horizon. They are bonfires. You can jump from the balcony and glide most of the way to them, especially if you go from point to point. Once your each the bonfires, continue past them and enter the nearby Hebra Trailhead Lodge. Talk to the individuals you meet there and stock up on supplies. If you have decided to get started without the Snowquill set, make sure to cook Spicy Pepper items five at a time to produce plenty of  Spicy Sauteed Peppers items.

To reach Hebra South Summit Cave, follow Harth’s directions. Start by leaving the lodge, then climbing the ladders up the face of a cliff. Ascend the slope from there, past where Cecili waits against a rock wall with a campfire. The bats here can freeze you, and their ally hits hard. Take everyone out carefully (or work your way around them) and continue your ascent. The trail leads to the cave entrance.

Totk Find Tulin Hebra South Summit Cave Riding Air Drafts

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Inside Hebra South Summit Cave, proceed past Laissa and negotiate the corridor overrun with thorny vines. You reach a point where updrafts of air rise from a lower area with a frozen pool of water. Jump into the air above the drafts and then pull out your chute to let the gusts carry you up the shaft. Near the top, glide forward through an opening (below more thorny vines) to continue along the corridor.

Be careful as you ascend. A nimble enemy you encounter here can cling to the walls and ceiling. It will drop down to attack you with a club. Make sure you attack it first and eliminate it swiftly. Otherwise, you’ll pay the price. Then continue to reach high walls near a large pool of water. More thorny vines decorate the walls in this area. Climb around them to reach the high ground.

Totk Find Tulin Approaching Lone Cedar Tree

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Continue ascending through the cave and you’ll soon meet Gesane. He waits near its exit with bad news. Apparently, you just missed meeting with Tulin. He says you will find your friend near a lone cedar tree.

Not far beyond Tulin, you arrive at the cave’s exit. Scale the wall and turn to the side to see some signs pointing along the trail. Run past them and climb the rock wall beyond them. Now keep pushing toward the high ground. You can take multiple routes here. The main idea is just to keep gaining elevation. You will finally find a high ledge near the very top of the mountain. There is a large, snow-laden tree on a rocky ledge. Climb up to that ledge and check behind the tree to finally reunite with Tulin.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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