A Day One Patch For Final Fantasy 16 Is Not Currently Planned

Ever since the days of PlayStation 3, Day One patches have been a common occurrence for video games. Sometimes required for optimal gameplay, these downloads can take hours or even days for those with limited or slow internet. This frustration led to a discussion with the Final Fantasy XVI team about their approach. Surprisingly, they have opted not to release a Day One patch. Creative Business Unit III Director Hiroshi Takai has provided insight as to why this decision was made.

The CBUIII Team’s Approach to Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI Director Hiroshi Takai recently announced that Creative Business Unit III has decided not to release a Day One patch for their game, even though this has been the norm for years. This decision was made for two reasons, according to Takai. First, the team is confident that their final build of Final Fantasy XVI does not require further patching. Second, they do not want to alienate players without consistent internet access by requiring a download before they can enjoy the game. This decision is a throwback to previous Final Fantasy games that worked correctly out of the box, without patching required.

Quality Assurance for Final Fantasy XVI

While it is exciting to hear that Final Fantasy XVI will not require a Day One patch, Director Takai is quick to point out that this decision could change. CBUIII is currently testing the game daily and searching for potential bugs. If any issues are found that require fixing before launch day, a Day One patch may be required. However, at this time, players can count on Final Fantasy XVI to work as intended right out of the box.