Exoprimal Preview: Left 4 Dino

Capcom has been on a roll with mining its back catalog, but one title has remained extinct despite its fanbase’s fervor for it to return. Dino Crisis has not been included in Capcom’s recent excavation of IP, leaving fans to lament its absence. However, Capcom’s newest release, Exoprimal, might just be able to quell some of that fan desire. Though it’s not a fourth entry in the Dino Crisis series, and isn’t trying to be, it is a cooperative shooter that boasts an impressive amount of dinosaurs.

Exoprimal primarily involves dropping two teams into a level and having them blast through hordes of dinosaurs that come pouring out of the sky. However, the gameplay is not limited to velociraptors alone, and Capcom wants to highlight this fact. Along a course, players are forced to complete missions that play out randomly, with some requiring the team to shoot specific types of dinosaurs and others requiring them to protect a certain point. This variability adds to the game’s replayability, as the core act of slaughtering dinosaurs can get repetitive.

The shooting is responsive, and each character has their own unique abilities. However, the game’s biggest hurdle is dealing with the constant and seemingly endless onslaught of dinosaurs. This may become repetitive for players, but Capcom is aware of this issue. Technical director Kazuki Abe explains that every mission brings both a challenge and excitement of figuring out how, as a team, players can overcome various obstacles. Abe believes that the game’s constant changes in missions and enemies will keep Exoprimal engaging for players.

At first glance, there is a lot that Exoprimal offers to players. There are multiple mission types that add to the game’s replayability and a competitive component that pits two human teams against each other at the end. Additionally, Exoprimal boasts an array of customization options that allow players to tweak their weapons and armor to suit their playstyle. Despite this, players are still essentially doing the same actions, destroying dinosaurs across maps that are admittedly generic.

Capcom believes that more game types will unlock in the full version of the game, and some modes were already available during a lengthy session with the game. However, cutting down gangs of dinosaurs began to lose some of its appeal over time.

Capcom will support the game after launch, taking into account player feedback pulled from social media and gameplay data, which will help the developers hone in on areas that need improvement. Capcom promises cross-platform play with PlayStation consoles and PC, which will help keep the game alive. The exosuits in the game are geared towards replayability, with a decent number of options and customization features that enable players to bend classes to their will.

Art director Takuro Fuse explains that the development team made the exosuits to suit the game’s mechanics while also making sure that each character had distinct personality and flair on the battlefield. The team drew inspiration from both Japanese culture and anime to create a unique blend of aesthetics.

All of these features mean that Exoprimal has the potential to become a solid cooperative shooter, which is something that Capcom hasn’t embraced yet. The only question that remains is how long Exoprimal will be able to maintain its momentum, and whether it will go extinct shortly after launch.