Review – Lost Epic (Switch)

Lost Epic: A Visually Stunning JRPG Hybrid for Nintendo Switch

Lost Epic, developed by oneoreight and Team Earth Wars, is a new side-scrolling metroidvania style JRPG hybrid for the Nintendo Switch. Set in a world ravaged by gods, players take on the role of an Avatar to save humanity. While the game has clear influences from titles like Dark Souls, it stands out with its vibrant yet dark aesthetic and offers a fresh take on the genre.

Stunning Visuals and World Design

The game’s world design is one of the standout features of Lost Epic. From the grassy wilds of the first area to the dark and eerie underground levels, the game is full of stunning backdrops and foregrounds. The use of vibrant colours and detailed textures makes the world truly come alive.

A Dark Souls Inspired Combat System

The combat system is another highlight of the game. It draws inspiration from Dark Souls with enemies exploding into red crystals that can be used to level up. Players must dodge and time their strikes to take down tough foes. Additionally, the game features a skill tree that allows players to choose a certain path to develop their character, which is unlocked by completing requests and beating bosses.

Plenty of Content to Keep You Busy

The game also offers various activities to keep players entertained such as cooking, crafting, fishing, farming, and quests. Additionally, there are different skills to be upgraded by exploring and completing requests. The bosses in Lost Epic provide a great challenge, and the difficulty can be adjusted to cater to individual player preferences.

Minor Issues in Animation and Enemy Placement

Despite being an excellent game, there are a few minor issues that stand out while playing. The animation of both characters and enemies feels choppy, particularly in their movements. This can create a slightly jarring experience during the gameplay. Additionally, the placement of certain enemies can also feel odd at times.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Lost Epic is a must-play for fans of the metroidvania genre. Its gorgeous world design, engaging combat system, and ample content make it a great addition to anyone’s Nintendo Switch library. The minor issues with animation and enemy placement do not detract from the overall experience. Oneoreight and Team Earth Wars have created a beautiful and challenging world in Lost Epic. It’s definitely worth checking out.

A Nintendo Switch code was provided by oneoreight