Speaker Spotlight Seattle: Phil Shpilberg of GameChangerSF by Pixis outlines the

Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle 2023: What to Expect and Key Industry Trends

Pocket Gamer Connects, the world-renowned live event series for the games industry, is coming back to Seattle on May 16 and 17, 2023. With over 1,000 attendees from all over the world, the event is a huge opportunity to network, learn from the top authorities in the industry, and pitch new ideas. This year’s conference will focus heavily on new technologies, especially AI and Web3. The conference aims to reflect the most up-and-coming industry trends and provide attendees with insights and knowledge on game design and development, monetisation and growth, life as an indie, new technologies, company culture, and more. The event promises limitless networking opportunities and exciting sessions with some of the biggest names in mobile games.

One of the key speakers at the event will be Phil Shpilberg, head of gaming at GameChangerSF by Pixis. Shpilberg oversees the gaming SaaS AI and full-service agency businesses. In his talk, “AI Trends in Performance Marketing”, he will explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence in mobile user acquisition and its capacity to amplify the expertise of marketers. Shpilberg will address the ongoing seismic shift in the gaming industry that necessitates an evolution in user acquisition professionals’ skills and tools. He will explain how AI technologies, such as automated bidding and budget management, targeting, and generative, creative AI, are elevating the craft of marketers, driving more effective user acquisition, and paving the way for a new era of game marketing. The discussion is important because understanding and adapting to these AI-powered changes is a means to stay competitive in the gaming industry. Shpilberg’s talk will provide concrete examples of AI’s impact on gaming marketing, including better bidding and budget management, streamlined game development, and personalized experiences for players.

When asked about the most common mistake being made in the games sector, Shpilberg said that developers often chase trends like blockchain or AI without asking if it makes the game more fun. He emphasized that a game’s success lies in captivating its audience, not just in showcasing the latest tech. Additionally, the biggest challenge facing the mobile games industry today, according to Shpilberg, is the low entry barrier and the dominance of high-end AAA games. These challenges require game developers to create games that stand out in the crowded market with unique, high-quality experiences that can compete with the volume of easily-produced games and the depth of AAA titles.

When asked about his favorite mobile games, Shpilberg mentioned Mighty Doom and Tomb Raider Reloaded as his current obsessions. He loves how these games brilliantly transition the legendary franchises to the mobile platform while maintaining their unique identities. Shpilberg also talked about how AI is the most significant trend to watch in gaming over the next 12 months, specifically in how it transforms marketing. He acknowledged that AI could also have negative impacts such as a proliferation of cheap clones, oversaturation of the market, and eroding player trust.

Working in mobile game marketing is an absolute blast, according to Shpilberg. He enjoys collaborating with fun, creative people, staying ahead of the curve in tech and business trends, and bringing joy to players worldwide. Shpilberg’s first-ever phone was the classic clamshell Nokia, but his first smartphone, the Treo 180, truly blew him away.

Apart from his talk, Shpilberg is excited to attend the panel discussion on “The Investment Environment in the Gaming Industry in 2023”, given the significant changes in the world over the past 18 months. The speakers will discuss funding the future of gaming and the challenges and opportunities associated with it.

Overall, Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle 2023 promises to be the biggest and best yet, with great networking opportunities, brilliant speakers, and fascinating insights into the future of AI and game marketing. Attendees can expect to walk away with a wealth of new knowledge and inspiration for their future gaming projects.