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SwitchArcade Round-Up: Reviews of Winter’s Wish, Murtop, and Cyber Citizen Shockman

Hello and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for May 22nd, 2023. Happy Victoria Day to all our Canadian readers! In this article, we have some reviews of new game releases, as well as some information on new and expiring sales.

Reviews & Mini-Views

Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo ($49.99)

Aksys Games has released another otome game from Idea Factory and Watanabe Entertainment: Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo. Set in 1716, this game follows the story of Suzuno, a girl born with the ability to see a black thread before a disaster occurs. Suzuno learns that she is needed by Oniwaban, a special group attempting to control monsters and maintain peace. The routes in this otome story revolve around the warriors in the Oniwaban, with less of a focus on obvious romance across the various routes.

This game is visually stunning, with superb character designs that are enhanced by their Japanese-only voice acting. Once you finish a route, you will unlock the ability to replay specific parts and also a gallery like menu to listen to music, watch cut-scenes, and more.

Overall, this is another strong otome release from Aksys Games that is an easy recommendation to fans of historical settings and otome games. If you’ve been wanting more like Hakuoki on Switch, Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo is definitely worth your time and money. We give it a SwitchArcade Score of 4/5.

Murtop ($4.99)

Murtop is definitely reminiscent of the classic arcade games, Bomberman and Dig Dug. Players take control of a rabbit who navigates Dig Dug-like stages, defeating enemies with bombs that explode similarly to those in Bomberman. The game has a total of two hundred and fifty-six levels, with three lives per credit.

Its retro arcade feel, coupled with the colorful and lively graphics, make this game enjoyable to play. Its local leaderboard may be a weak point for some, but it still offers lots of little tricks to pump up your score. We give Murtop a SwitchArcade Score of 4/5.

Cyber Citizen Shockman ($5.99)

Cyber Citizen Shockman is an old platformer game with very light RPG elements. Your character’s movement and the level designs are uninspiring, but it is still an enjoyable title. The game, originally released in 1989, reflects the early years of NEC’s console. At the start of the game, players can choose between two characters and then set off to save the day.

While this game was popular in its time and it’s well-done in its English release, it is not the most enjoyable game to play. It’s a classic title that will take you through an era of gaming that doesn’t pop up all that often these days. We give Cyber Citizen Shockman a SwitchArcade Score of 3/5.

New Releases Round

People ($7.99)

With up to four players, People is a multiplayer game where each person takes control of a billiard ball that is thrown into a deadly arena. The last player alive wins, so the idea is to push opponents into traps, use special moves, and more. This is an amusing release that is sure to provide hours of entertainment!

That’s all for today’s round-up. Stay tuned for more game news and reviews!