Best Fusion Materials For Master Sword

The Master Sword is a formidable weapon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK), and with certain fusions, it becomes even stronger. However, the game has a vast array of enemies to fight, and each enemy drops multiple monster parts for players to use in fusions. This article lists the best materials to fuse with the Sword that seals the Darkness.

Best Fusion Materials for Master Sword in Zelda TOTK

Once players have acquired the Master Sword, they should fuse it with the following five materials:

  • Silver Lynel Saber Horn
  • Silver Lynel Mace Horn
  • Captain Construct IV Horn
  • Light Dragon’s Scale
  • Diamond

Silver Lynel Saber Horn

The Silver Lynel Saber Horn increases the Master Sword’s attack power by 55 when fused. While there are no confirmed spawn locations, players are guaranteed to find one at the Fighting Coliseum in the Depths, where they can also obtain Majora’s Mask.

Silver Lynel Mace Horn

The Silver Lynel Mace Horn is another material that players can fuse with the Master Sword. It also increases the weapon’s attack power by 51 and is dropped by Silver Lynels. Players can find one at the Fighting Coliseum in the Depths.

Captain Construct IV Horn

Keep an eye out for two types of Constructs: Soldier Constructs and Captain Constructs. Captain Constructs have better physical prowess in terms of horn quality than their Soldier counterparts. The Captain Construct Horn IV increases the attack power of the Master Sword by 35, but its confirmed location is unknown. However, players should look for it at Zonaite Forge Island.

Light Dragon’s Scale

light dragon's scale fuse master sword

The Light Dragon’s Scale can be obtained from the Light Dragon, and players should have already obtained the Master Sword by the time they encounter it. Players can locate the dragon easily after they defeat Phantom Ganon inside Deku Tree. Fusing the Light Dragon’s Scale with the Master Sword heals the weapon, eliminating the need to worry about its durability.


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