Find Your Niche: Three Extremely Unexpected New Game Collections Arrive in Xbox Game Pass

Looking for game recommendations that cross genre boundaries? Look no further than Xbox Game Pass, which has added three new collections based on silly, sincere, and niche criteria. These collections offer a unique gaming experience to both avid gamers and those looking to expand their horizons.

Game Collection #1: We Demand You See Our Legs

Have you ever played a first-person game where you suddenly realize you can’t see your in-game character’s legs? We don’t know why games do this, but we know there are games out there that provide the complete experience–including fully-rendered legs! Try out this collection of games that let you see your character from head to toe.

Game Collection #2: Wild Weapons

Tired of games where you use the same boring weapons to deal damage? Check out the Wild Weapons collection, which features games where you can wield unconventional weapons such as a fish or a birthday cake.

Game Collection #3: Cute x Chaotic

Looking for a unique blend of adorable and edgy characters? The Cute x Chaotic collection has got you covered. These games feature characters who are both composed and serene in some moments and bold rockstars in others.

These collections offer a personalized gaming experience like no other. So why not expand your game library and try them out today? And keep an eye out for more off-beat collections coming to Game Pass in the near future.