Fire Emblem Engage – How to Make & Equip Bond Rings

What Are Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage?

Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage are items that hold the spirits of heroic characters from previous generation games. Similar to Emblem Rings, these Bond Rings provide bonuses for equipped Units, including stat boosts and unique Skills. While less powerful than Emblem Rings, Bond Rings can still be useful in rounding out the stats of Units who don’t have Emblem Rings equipped.

Creating and Equipping Bond Rings

To create a Bond Ring in Fire Emblem Engage, first finish a Chapter combat or Skirmish and return to Somniel. Travel to the Ring Chamber and examine the Central Pedestal to open the menu. Scroll down to “Create Bond Rings” and choose an Emblem to create a new Bond Ring for 100 Bond Fragments or 10 Bond Rings for 1000 Bond Fragments. The Bond Spirit, the linked character, is randomized based on the chosen pedestal and provides a specific stat boost. Rings can be melded together to create higher quality Bond Rings with better stat boosts.

To equip a Bond Ring, open the menu with the + button and select “Emblem Rings.” Scroll to the desired Unit and hit the right arrow on the D-pad to navigate through Bond Rings until you find the one to equip. Hit A to confirm and repeat the process to equip more Bond Rings to different Units. There is no limit to the amount of Bond Rings that can be equipped, and they can be used to give Units a minor buff for combat.


Learning about Bond Rings is an important part of playing Fire Emblem Engage. While not as powerful as Emblem Rings, they can still be extremely helpful in giving Units stat boosts and unique Skills. By using Bond Fragments to create and equip Bond Rings, players can improve their Units and give themselves an edge in combat. So equip those Bond Rings and get out there to conquer Elyos!