Best Build for Herta – Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons and Abilities

Honkai: Star Rail is an action-packed game filled with unique characters that players can obtain and use to fight their way to victory. While there are loads of paid characters available, players can also obtain a good number of free ones, including Herta. Herta is an Erudition unit that specializes in AoE damage, making her a valuable addition to any team. However, due to her weakness in single-target scenarios, Herta may not be as effective against some of the game’s content. In any case, dedicated Herta players can still maximize her potential by finding the best build to pair with her. In this guide, we will explore the best build for Herta in Honkai: Star Rail and help players unleash her spin-to-win potential.

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Herta’s Best Build in Honkai: Star Rail: Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons, and Abilities

Herta is a formidable Ice Erudition character with a unique passive that allows her to execute a follow-up attack once any enemy drops below 50% HP. However, her damage output on its own is somewhat low, and her talent can be limiting in some fights. Fortunately, we can equip her with some of the best gear available to ensure that players can unleash her full potential, no matter where they place her on the team.

Light Cones

Herta Honkai Star Rail Best Build

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  • Before Dawn: Jing Yuan’s signature weapon is Herta’s best gear, as it increases her Crit DMG by 36% and her Skill and Ultimate DMG by 18%. Herta also gains a 48% damage increase to her follow-up attack, but players will need to execute her Skill or Ultimate before her follow-up attack takes place. As such, players will want to engage Herta’s Ultimate at the beginning of the fight to trigger this buff and ensure that her follow-up attacks don’t execute too early.
  • The Birth of the Self: This is Herta’s signature weapon, which boosts her -follow-up damage output significantly. This gear increases the damage of Herta’s follow-up attacks by 24%, with an additional 24% if her enemies are below 50% HP. players can, thus, rest assured that Herta will gain a minimum boost of 48% to her follow-up attacks since they only execute when the enemy is below 50%. When players achieve maximum superimposition, this damage boost can increase to a massive 96%.
  • The Seriousness of Breakfast: The best free-to-play option for Herta players who don’t have The Birth of the Self. This increases Herta’s DMG by 12% and her ATK by 4% per enemy defeated, up to three times.

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Relics and Eidolons

Herta Honkai Star Rail Best Build 2

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  • For her 4-piece set, players should use the Hunter of Glacial Forest set. This set amplifies Herta’s Ice DMG and her Crit DMG after she uses her Ultimate, which is an enormous DPS increase for Herta. This synergizes well if players have Before Dawn for Herta, with stacking Crit DMG and Ultimate DMG buffs.
  • For her 2-piece set, the Inert Salsotto works best. This set offers a Crit Rate boost and additional damage boost to her Ultimate and follow-up attacks, transforming Herta into a spinning monster with tons of damage buffs coming her way.
  • Herta has some decent Eidolons that can increase her potential damage. For instance, Eidolon 2 increases her Crit Rate by 3% every time her talent triggers, which ensures she is more efficient in fights. Eidolon 4 provides an additional 10% DMG increase every time her talent activates. Finally, Eidolon 6 provides a flat 25% ATK boost whenever Herta uses her Ultimate.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now, and players looking to use Herta can follow this guide to achieve the best build for her. Follow our blog for more gaming news, tips, and guides.