How The Mario X Lush Collaboration Turned Bowser Sexy And My Skin Yellow

We are currently living in an era where video games have become so popular that they are not only considered a hobby, but a lucrative business. However, in the midst of this flourishing industry, beauty brands have also taken notice and started to collaborate with video game companies to attract a wider demographic. You can now go into Ulta to purchase Xbox-themed nail polish, Animal Crossing eyeshadow palettes, and Sonic the Hedgehog mud masks. Recently, Lush released a Super Mario Bros. line, which I had the opportunity to try out and give feedback on. After using six different products for a month, I’ve come to a conclusion on which ones are worth the money and which ones aren’t as great.

Princess Peach shower jelly was a product that stood out to me. Lush used natural ingredients such as sweet orange oil, fresh peach infusion, grapefruit, and seaweed to give it a delightful scent. However, the two words that will allow you to truly understand this shower jelly’s aroma are “pink Starburst”. This playful soap lathers well, providing a sweet yet citrusy vibe. The overall presentation is fun too. While it would have been easy for Lush to produce a basic peach-scented soap, they went beyond that and truly embodied the essence of the iconic princess.

Bowser shower jelly is another standout product from the Super Mario Bros. line. What makes it so fantastic is its sensual yet powerful scent. The hypnotic combination of cinnamon, anise, cloves, orange oil, and patchouli oil gives it a spicy and cozy vibe. While I wish the scent lasted a bit longer, it still makes for a great before-bed product. The formula is hydrating as well, and it carries a gender-neutral scent.

The Question Block 2 in 1 Bath Bomb might not be for everyone. While some may argue that it looks like pee, it did not strike me as such. However, I found the color to be more strange than anything else. The yellow pigment and glitter tend to stick to the body, causing me to not recommend using it before a big event. The bomb itself is large, which while it sounds great, makes it more likely to crumble off and break. This completely ruined the element of surprise with the soap in the middle. While the bomb could have been more hydrating, it’s still a cool gimmick.

The Gold Coin soap is a safe choice among the products included in the Super Mario Bros. collaboration. It has a lovely butterscotch scent and a great amount of lather and longevity. While it didn’t stand out as much as the jellies, it would make a great choice for those who prefer a classic, everyday bar soap.

Out of all the products I tested, the Mario Shower Gel was the one that I was most hesitant to use. However, the scent of cola was surprisingly popular and beloved by many. While the gel has a nice color and consistency, smelling like soda was not for me. Overall, I feel the Blue-collar hero Mario would be proud of the scent choice.

These collaborations indicate that video games have not only integrated themselves into our lives, but also fashion, entertainment and now beauty. Overall, the Lush x Super Mario Bros. collaboration does a great job of embodying the characters, and it brings fun and creativity to an industry that can sometimes take itself too seriously.