Rune Factory 6 And Spin-Off ‘Project Dragon’ Officially Unveiled

A new game titled Rune Factory: Project Dragon was revealed today during the Marvelous showcase. Rune Factory 6 was also announced. Project Dragon is the new spin-off in the series and is set in the Eastern lands with a Japanese-style aesthetic. Tsukuda Kenichiro serves as Project Dragon’s general producer with Hisashi Fujii as the producer and Maekawa Shiro as the director. According to the series director, players will finally be able to explore the eastern nation and experience a setting with a Japanese style. The story will be centered on dragons. You can check out the trailer footage of Rune Factory: Project Dragon in the YouTube video above starting at around the 21-minute mark.

Meanwhile, Rune Factory 6 is the next mainline entry in the fantasy lifestyle series, with the adventure taking place on the western continent of Adonea. There is no announcement on the platforms yet or when the games will release, so only time will tell what’s in store for the beloved franchise’s fans.

“Players have never been able to visit these lands, as the games only vaguely mentioned that such a place exists. Until now! Players will finally be able to explore this eastern nation!”

“In Project Dragon, the adventure will unfold in a completely new setting with characters and scenery designed in a Japanese style… we’re going to deliver an experience unique from the main series while expanding upon familiar elements such as your day-to-day life, adventuring, and romantic pursuits…dragons will be important to the story”

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Be on the lookout for more updates on both games concerning release dates and supported platforms in the future.