‘Real Bout Fatal Fury 2’ Review – A Furious Game, But with Some Near-Fatal Flaws – TouchArcade

The Fatal Fury series is back with the latest ACA NEOGEO release from Hamster and SNK: Real Bout Fatal Fury 2. This one-on-one mobile fighter game boasts a robust roster, with the largest selection of unique characters of the entire Fatal Fury series. This game follows the traditional Fatal Fury format, where players pick their favorite character and battle against opponents in best two-of-three round fights. Reduce your opponent’s life bar down (twice) to claim a round while executing special moves with the array of buttons provided. The game has a dedicated lane-jumping button, which made its debut in the original Real Bout Fatal Fury game. As opposed to other fighters, such as The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury tends to distinguish itself with its innovative multiple lanes. Real Bout Fatal Fury 2’s second lane is now more of a way of temporarily evading opponents rather than a secondary area of combat. Every fighter can still counter without any meter built up as long as the player has good timing.

While this game does include touch controls, users may find them difficult to execute without extra controllers. Additionally, the mobile format of the game is not suited for multiplayer action with a lack of online or local wireless implementation. However, there are a myriad of options to take advantage of the game, including access to Japanese or overseas release options, online leaderboards, and additional modes.

In conclusion, this is an excellent fighting game and one of the better franchises in the genre. However, one-on-one fighters might not necessarily work that well on mobile devices. Still, if you’re a fan of one-on-one fighters and pick up a controller, then you won’t regret playing this game.