The big financials roundup: May 2023

The quarterly financial reports of leading game development companies provide valuable insights into the industry’s inner workings. The Q1 2023 financial reports of companies, developers, and studios are now available for all mobile game enthusiasts to peruse.

NetEase’s gaming segment accounted for 72.3% of its $3.6 billion revenue in Q1, indicating the success of its mobile games. Nvidia is forecasting further growth, including a record $11 billion revenue for Q1. Tencent generated a massive $21.8 billion in revenue, proving it has navigated difficult times.

Embracer Group’s Q1 performance was lukewarm, with a 36% revenue decline compared to Q4 2022. However, it revealed a 121% sales growth, and a 19% YoY growth in mobile gaming revenue.

Sea Group, on the other hand, had an overall revenue increase of 4.9% but a digital entertainment decrease of 43% to $539.7 million. On the bright side, its core titles are receiving more focus.

Nordcurrent, Nexon, and Roblox generated major successes in the previous year, seeing revenue growths of as much as 42%. Konami, Nexon, and Square Enix witnessed mixed results in their financial reports.

Take-Two Interactive saw a 53% year-on-year increase in net revenue, citing the acquisition of Zynga as a boost. Ubisoft experienced significant declines but remained optimistic, citing the upcoming release of Rainbow Six Mobile.

Flexion and AppLovin enjoyed strong Q1 revenue, with Flexion’s revenues reaching $20.3 million and AppLovin generating $715.4 million.

Capcom intends to focus on mobile as part of its long-term strategy, with a major emphasis on integration, esports, and its upcoming Monster Hunter Now game. Krafton achieved record sales, Stillfront Group and Rovio saw increases, while EA’s mobile division growth slowed.

Finally, Nintendo saw a 4.2% drop in mobile gaming, while Bandai Namco and Slovak Studio Pixel Federation promised to uphold their environmental promises.

Overall, the Q1 2023 financial reports paint a relatively positive picture for the mobile gaming industry, with the impact of the pandemic decline beginning to fade away.