Diablo 4 – Renown System Guide: How to Get, Rewards, Etc.

Role-playing games (RPGs) generally have a progression or achievement system that offers players rewards for various tasks and areas of the game they explore and complete. In Diablo 4, this system is called Renown, and it works in a similar way.

What is Renown and how does it work?

The Renown system tracks players’ progress in each zone of Sanctuary and rewards them for completing objectives and unlocking new zones. By obtaining Renown points, players fill up their Renown progress. Rewards are given upon reaching new Renown milestones in a zone, with higher milestones giving better rewards. The Renown menu can be accessed by opening the map and pressing “W” to see your current Renown progress, the objectives you’ve yet to complete in the current zone, and the rewards you will receive for each milestone.

How to get Renown in Diablo 4

Renown points can be earned in a variety of ways in each zone in the game. You can claim new waypoints (20 Renown), discover new areas (5 Renown), defeat strongholds (100 Renown), complete side dungeons (30 Renown), complete side quests (20 Renown), and interact with Altars of Lilith (10 Renown). Each zone has several Renown objectives to complete, and players automatically obtain Renown when completing an objective.

The fewer the number of objectives to complete, the more Renown players will receive per objective. For example, strongholds reward players with 100 Renown per completion, but only three of them exist in Fractured Peaks.

Are Renown progress and rewards shared across the account?

Most progress and rewards obtained through the Renown system in Diablo 4 are shared across the account. This includes Skill Points, extra Potion Charges, higher max Obols capacity, and Paragon Points. Individual rewards include Bonus XP and Gold. The Renown menu shows which rewards are shared across the entire account and which ones are for individual characters.

Rewards you can obtain from the Renown system

Completing Renown milestones in Diablo 4 rewards players with Bonus XP, gold, Skill Points, +Max Murmuring Obols, and Paragon Points. Players can claim the rewards for a milestone by clicking the “CLAIM” button above a completed milestone.

How many Renown levels are there?

Each zone in Diablo 4 has five Renown levels, or milestones, for players to reach and claim rewards. Upon reaching a new Renown level, players unlock rewards for that milestone.

Now that you know how the Renown System in Diablo 4 works, it should be easier to keep yourself motivated as you progress through the game.