Battlefield 2042 Season 5 Brings Big Changes To Vehicles

In an upcoming Season 5 update, Battlefield 2042 will introduce major changes to the game’s most popular vehicles. The update, called New Dawn, will give vehicle loadouts an overhaul starting on June 7th. According to developer DICE, the goal is to make the roles of different vehicles more clearly defined. To achieve this, DICE is planning to remove explosive weapon options from some of the game’s most-used ground vehicles.

DICE wants to ensure that explosives are used strategically, rather than being a default or available option for all vehicles. As a result, jeep transport vehicles, such as the LATV4 Recon, will not be able to equip multiple types of explosive weaponry. Instead, these vehicles will use anti-infantry weaponry. Other vehicles, such as the M5C Bolte and the EBAA Wildcat, will also receive adjustments to better suit their roles.

The Bolte’s changes, for example, will make it a stronger hit-and-run vehicle, while the Wildcat will better fulfill its aerial defense role. In addition to these changes, the update will also improve jet gameplay by making them more responsive. It will also add thermal sights for vehicles and the ability to decouple aiming and turning for tanks. Vehicles will have the option to equip the Cyber Warfare Protection System, which was previously only available to the LATV4 Recon.

Battlefield 2042’s Season 5 will also introduce new weapons and gadgets, such as the XCE bolt-action rifle, GEW-46 assault rifle, and the BFP .50 hand cannon. Players will also have three new grenade types to choose from, including a mini grenade, anti-tank grenade, and spring grenade. A new map called Reclaimed will be released with the update, which takes place in an abandoned and reclaimed factory.

Despite the significant changes, one notable absence from the Season 5 update is a new Specialist character, which has been introduced in previous seasons. The Season 5 update is one of several that aims to reinvent the game since its launch in November 2021. Developers at DICE have added features like a scoreboard, new Specialist characters, and reintroduced the franchise’s class system.