System Shock review – SHODAN steals the show in this faithful remake

Experience the Horrors Unleashed as System Shock Remake Stays True to Classic Roots

Reminiscing about the classic 1994 game “System Shock”, the new and updated “System Shock” remake by Nightdive Studios is a faithful rendition, albeit with a slightly different overall effect. The game starts with the same events as its predecessor, albeit with some nuanced changes and improved graphics.

As a hacker who is kept captive on a Citadel space station and asked to remove “ethical constraints” from the station’s AI, you are promised your freedom along with a cybernetic implant. However, things turn awry and you are left to fight bloodthirsty mutants, killer robots, and cyborgs while unraveling SHODAN’s (Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network) heinous scheming.

Despite being faithful, the game has its distinguishing characteristics, like the dimly lit visuals and spooky sound effects that create an eerie atmosphere. Combat encounters are equally intense, with scarce inventory and limited resources, making you strategize your attacks and save ammo for the right moment.

True to its predecessor, the levels are a series of interconnected, labyrinthine corridors that give you the freedom to navigate the game world at your own pace. Playing this game is a test for your creative problem-solving and analytical skills, as it requires you to decipher objectives through environmental cues and emails while exploring the intricacies of the station.

Overall, the “System Shock” remake may not have the plethora of options offered by other modern immersive sims, however, it stands out on its own as a classic game, that can be relished by both fans and newcomers alike.