League of Legends Patch 13.10 Best Supports

The role of support in League of Legends is vital to the success of any team. Supports are responsible for protecting their team’s carries and equipping them with the necessary resources for triumph. With the release of Patch 13.10, there are several formidable support champions available to help bolster your team’s chances of victory. In this article, we will explore the top ten support champions for this update.


Janna is a potent support champion renowned for her enchanting abilities, granting her team significant utility. Her shielding, healing, and knock-up skills can single-handedly turn the tide of a battle. Janna’s high mobility makes her a challenging target to catch, and she can initiate team fights for her allies. She is a top-tier support because she can provide substantial protection while also being able to set or initiate team fights.


Nami is another exceptional enchanter support who excels in healing and crowd control. Her abilities contribute significantly to winning team fights, and her mana efficiency makes her an excellent choice for extended matches. While Nami has a high skill requirement, mastering her is well worth the effort, as she is one of the best champions in this role.


Lulu has outstanding versatility and can be played in various roles, including enchanter, mage, or tank. With her polymorph, shielding, and ultimate abilities, Lulu can alter the outcome of a skirmish. Her high-tier support status is due to her ability to use her kit offensively and defensively. Lulu can be an aggressive support or a defensive one, making her a versatile champion.


Soraka is the classic enchanter support archetype who provides extensive healing to her team. Her silence, healing, and ultimate skills significantly contribute to winning team fights, and her mana efficiency makes her an optimal choice for prolonged games. Soraka excels in healing and is S-tier support because of it. While she lacks practical initiating skills, her E can be used as a setup ability, and the crowd control it provides is useful in specific situations.


Karma is a formidable enchanter support who bestows substantial utility upon her team. Her shielding, rooting, and ultimate abilities can effectively sway the course of a battle, and her high mobility adds to her elusiveness as an opponent. Karma is an excellent support for those who want a more aggressive playstyle. She can use her empowered Q to harass and initiate fights, while her empowered link and shields can be used to chase down enemies or save the team.


Braum is a resilient support who specializes in crowd control and tanking capabilities. His shielding, stunning, and ultimate skills are instrumental in securing triumph during team fights. Braum’s adeptness at protecting his carries and initiating fights simultaneously makes him an excellent choice for safeguarding your team’s ADC.


Leona is a potent, engaging support who can initiate team fights with her ultimate ability. Her stun and passive skills are adequate for immobilizing enemies, making her an excellent selection for groups aiming to play aggressively and achieve early victories. While Leona generally has to leave her ADC unguarded because of her up-close playing style, her crowd control abilities make up for it.


Nautilus is a sturdy support champion who excels in crowd control and tackiness. His hook, stunning, and ultimate abilities are pivotal in winning team fights. Nautilus can peel for his team while initiating engagements, making him an excellent support option. He is one of the most durable tanks in the game, which makes him a substantial effective wall between allies and enemies.


Thresh is a versatile support that fulfills various roles, including engaging, peeling, or roaming. His hook, lantern, and ultimate skills are instrumental in securing victories during team fights. Thresh is a bonafide initiator and escape artist. Despite his lack of mobility skills, experienced Thresh players can leave fights as long as there is somewhere he can hook off to.

Special Mention: Milio

Milio is the latest support champion added to the game, mainly focusing on protecting his teammates and carries. He excels by providing shields and peels to ensure the enemy team won’t kill allies. While he lacks initiating skills, his kit mainly relies on protecting and deterring foes from getting close.

These champions make up just a selection of the best supports in League of Legends Patch 13.10. The most practical support for you will depend on your play style and your team’s requirements. With numerous robust supports available, finding the perfect match for your needs shouldn’t be too difficult.

How to Be a Good Support in Patch 13.10

Choosing the right champion is essential when playing support. Some are better at laning, while others are better at setting up kills or providing vision. Warding effectively is also critical to success in LoL. Supports are usually responsible for providing vision, so warding the river, enemy jungle, and objectives to keep your team safe from ganks is vital.

It is crucial to protect your ADC. They are your team’s primary source of damage, so keep them safe by peeling for them in team fights and helping them farm safely. Supports are also excellent at setting up kills for their team. Use your crowd control abilities to lock down enemies and let your teammates finish them. Finally, supports are crucial in taking objectives like dragons, barons, and towers to help your team gain the upper hand.