Galactic Roaming Update Silver Wolf Release Date

As the Jing Yuan banner enters its final week, Honkai Star Rail players can look forward to the upcoming 1.1 update. Despite a delayed English livestream, fans tuned in to discover exciting news about the highly anticipated Silver Wolf release date and more.

New Characters and Character Banners

The 1.1 update brings three new characters to the game: Silver Wolf, Luocha, and Yukong.

Silver Wolf, a 5-star Quantum element character from the Path of Nihility, specializes in debilitating enemies and weakens them, leaving them at the mercy of teammates. Her skill can inflict an elemental weakness on enemies, a handy addition to any team. Silver Wolf’s Ultimate can reduce the defense of a single enemy while dealing damage. Even her basic attacks are useful, inflicting a random “bug” that reduces the target’s ATK, DEF, or SPD.

Luocha, on the other hand, is a 5-star Imaginary element character from the Path of Abundance. His skills revolve around granting significant healing to allies, particularly when their HP falls below 50%. His Ultimate deals damage and removes one buff from an enemy, and unlocking either of his abilities will stack up Abyss Flowers. When he accumulates two flowers, they can be consumed to create a field that heals allies while attacking enemies.

Finally, Tingyun’s boss, Yukong, is a 4-star Imaginary element character from the Path of Harmony. Her skill can boost the entire party’s attack power, while her Ultimate raises the ATK boost of her talent and allies’ Crit Rate and DMG. It also damages enemies.

Silver Wolf’s banner will launch on June 7, 2023, followed by Luocha’s banner 20 days later. Yukong will be available during the traveling merchant event, but you can also receive her as a free reward.

New Light Cones

New Light Cones will be available alongside the character banners. Silver Wolf’s is “Incessant Rain,” while Luocha’s is “Echoes of the Coffin.” These cones will only take effect when equipped on characters in the same Path as Silver Wolf (Nihility) or Luocha (Abundance). Incessant Rain will be available during Silver Wolf’s banner, with Echoes available during Luocha’s. Additionally, completing the Starhunt Game event will allow you to collect the free Light Cone, “Before the Tutorial Mission Starts.”

New Location

In the upcoming update, the Belobog History and Culture Museum will open. Trailblazers can find the museum in the central plaza of the Administrative District across from the Everwinter Monument and Qlipoth Fort. The museum will feature three wings for exhibits: general exhibits, machinery and industry, and history and culture.

Incoming Events

Starhunt Game

The Starhunt Game event begins on June 7 and runs until June 19 (the shop remains open until June 26). The event starts once the update is completed, with Leonard, the station’s network security engineer, calling for help. Silver Wolf has left behind some digital graffiti in Herta Space Station, and it’s up to the Trailblazers to uncover its secrets. Players can earn Tracks of Destiny, Stellar Jades, Credits, the 4-star Light Cone “Before the Tutorial Mission Starts,” EXP materials, Ascension materials, and Trace materials.

Everwinter City Museum Leger of Curiosities

The Belobog History and Culture Museum has a problem. Exhibits are being stolen, and it’s up to the Trailblazers to find them and return them to the museum. Trailblazers will help Pela track down the missing exhibits, then manage the museum themselves, earning funds that can be used to upgrade wings and improve visitors’ experience.

The event runs from June 9 to June 26 and rewards players with Stellar Jades, EXP materials, Tracks of Destiny, Self-Modeling Resin, and more.

Lab Assistants in Position

Wen Shiling is compiling the quarterly research reports and needs help collecting materials. The event, which runs from June 19 to July 3, rewards players with Tracks of Destiny, Stellar Jades, Trace Materials, EXP Materials, and Relic Remains, which can be used to synthesize Relics.

Stellar Flare

This combat event runs from June 28 to July 10. Trailblazers must take advantage of special stage effects to end battles in the fewest number of cycles. The event rewards players with a recipe, Stellar Jades, and more.

Planar Fissure

From June 23 to June 28, all Immersion Rewards from the Simulation Universe will be doubled, allowing Trailblazers to farm Planar Ornaments.

Garden of Plenty

Starting on July 10, players can participate in the Garden of Plenty event, which lasts for one week. This event doubles Golden and Crimson Calyxes rewards, making it an excellent time to farm Trace or EXP materials.

Gift of Odyssey

The Gift of Odyssey event runs from June 7 to July 18. Players who log in for seven days during the event receive ten free Star Rail Special Passes.

New Gameplay Mechanics

Companion Quests

The 1.1 update includes four new Companion Missions. Upon completing them, players can encounter Silver Wolf, Luocha, Yanqing, and Bailu in the Parlor Car of the Astral Express. Trailblazers can experience a getaway, a chase, or meet a mysterious visitor.

Friend Chat

After an update, players will be able to chat with other Trailblazers.

Enemy Navigation

Trailblazers can now set a target to locate the materials they need and teleport to the appropriate area. The Enemy Navigation mechanic marks the enemies required for defeating and provides information on your next farm location.

Lost Trotter

Warp Trotters can now barge into ongoing fights, and defeating them will increase the resources you can receive from the battle.

Exciting New Content

The 1.1 update brings much-needed additions to Honkai Star Rail. Players can look forward to a new character with unusual elements, exciting new events, and improved gameplay mechanics. Get ready for new adventures with your favorite characters!