Water Temple walkthrough in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Your journey with Sidon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will come to an end at the Water Temple, which is accessible after Wellspring Island. Once you launch yourself up from Wellspring Island using the waterfall, you’ll find a small sky island called the Water Temple, where Link and Sidon will talk before unlocking the Water Temple as a fast travel location.

Although the temple is small, the puzzles can be challenging and the boss is tough. Here’s what you need to know before starting the Water Temple dungeon, including how to get there, what you’ll need, and how to solve the puzzles.

What You Need to Know Before Starting the Water Temple

Once you have unlocked the Water Temple as a fast travel location, you can leave to grab more food and other materials without having to worry about trekking through a lengthy island again. We recommend having food, splash fruit, and arrows on-hand. You’ll be tasked with opening up four water valves to wash away the sludge. Below, we’ve listed the valves in order from left to right, but you can do them in any order.

Sidon will also rejoin you and you’ll need to interact with him to use his water abilities, like how you did during the Sludge Like fight.

How to Get to the Water Temple

To reach the Water Temple, you’ll first need to complete the “Sidon of the Zora” quest from Zora’s Domain. It requires first traveling through Ancient Zora Waterworks to unclog them, then traveling to Wellspring Island in the sky.

Here are the Water Temple chests:

– Zora Shield
– Large Zonaite
– Strong Zonaite Longsword
– 5 Arrows
– Opal

Opening the First Valve in the Water Temple

There’s only one visible way to head up to the upper platforms and that’s to the southwest. Jump up the platforms that create a somewhat broken bridge. Using the low gravity on the islands, Link should be able to jump and glide up. Take out the three constructs waiting for you up there.

Use a splash fruit arrow to clean mud off a clogged up waterfall floating in the air in the south. Swim up the waterfall to grab a Zora Shield from a chest.

A water bubble maker will be aimed at the upper platforms but it’ll be covered in mud. Use Sidon’s water ability to clean it off. Use Ultrahand to take the glowing ball in the water and place it into a water bubble, sending it up to the higher platform. Jump into a bubble to meet it there. Place the ball over the glowing hole using Ultrahand. It won’t go in, but it’ll float nicely over it.

Next, use Ultrahand on the nearby floating platforms and attach it to the top of the floodgate. Hit the platform to activate it and use Ultrahand to raise the floodgate. The water will drain out, allowing the ball to fall into the hole. This will open the cage, allowing you access to the wheel that controls a valve.

Use Sidon’s water ability to hit the valve, turning it on. Head back down to the main area of the Water Temple once you’re finished.

Opening the Second Valve in the Water Temple

The next valve is inside the Water Temple on a lower floor. From the broken bridge you took up to the first valve, jump down and follow this path to head under the temple:

Use Sidon’s water shield ability to run through the flames blocking the entryway. Once you’re inside, you’ll need to transport a glowing ball from one side of a spike pit to the entrance. Use Ultrahand on the floating platforms to build a bridge over the spikes and bring the ball forward. You can attach the ball to the platforms using Ultrahand to keep better tabs on it.

Remember that you need to hit the platforms (with a weapon, arrow, etc.) in order for them to float. Fire an arrow at the floating platform with the chest to bring it down out of the sky to get a large zonaite.

Once you get to the wall, you can either use the platforms to build steps back up, or you can use Ascend on a floating platform to climb up quickly. Attach the ball to the center of a floating platform using Ultrahand, hit and rotate the platform, and use it to insert the ball into the hole. Use another platform to press down on the square switch by the door, allowing Sidon to join you.

Use Sidon’s ability to hit the now-open water wheel and return to the main area of the Water Temple.

Opening the Third Valve in the Water Temple

At this point, a construct may have appeared in the central part of the Water Temple, along with some chuchus. Take them out as necessary.

Fire a splash fruit arrow up at this clogged waterfall to the northeast:

Swim up the waterfall and take out the fire-like enemy you’ll see on the right. The chest it drops rewards a strong zonaite longsword. Ignore that area for now and keep heading this way:

Use Sidon’s water ability on the mud pile in the photo above to clean off a chest with five arrows inside. Climb up the rubble and use Recall on a water bubble to float up to the higher platforms. Use Ultrahand to attach the square pieces onto the waterwheel and then spin the waterwheel, allowing it to get enough momentum to keep spinning.

Grab the water bubble with Ultrahand and use it to connect the two electrical lines. Use Sidon’s ability to activate the water wheel and jump back down to where you fought the fire-like enemy.

Opening the Fourth Water Valve

Use Ascend to jump through the floor where the fire-like enemy used to be. Take out the constructs and chuchus that are waiting for you up there. After taking them out, use the water bubbles to clean the sludge off of the spinning structure. Use the objects around to build yourself a tall platform near the spinning structure. From there, glide off and take out your bow and aim at the switch inside the structure. Time will slow down, allowing you to successfully hit the switch without too much fuss.

Grab the chest from the northern side of the now-drained pool to get an Opal. Once you hit the switch, the water will drain, giving you access to the water wheel. Use Sidon’s ability to hit the wheel and turn on the last valve.

How to Beat Mucktorok, Boss of the Water Temple

Once you get back down to the central area of the temple, you can now interact with the altar, which will wash the mud away. A disgusting little creature, a Mucktorok, will jump out of the mud and you’ll need to take it out to stop the mud.

The Mucktorok’s fight patterns aren’t too hectic. It takes on a muddy shark form for most of the fight, which you’ll need to clean away using Sidon’s water ability. In its shark form, it’ll fire off several types of attacks that involve beams and waves that are low to the floor. Since the gravity levels are low, you can dodge its attacks easily.

Once you defeat the Mucktorok, you’ll have completed the Water Temple, making the rest of your journey a smoother one.