How to use Sockets and Gems in Diablo 4

Creating a perfect build for your character in Diablo 4 is easy with a multitude of available armor, weapon, and jewelry upgrades. But you can take your build up a notch by filling Sockets with Gems. If you’re new to the game and unsure of how to get started with Sockets and Gems, this guide is for you.

Understanding Sockets and Gems in Diablo 4

As you make your way through Diablo 4, you’ll surely come across items like weapons, jewelry, and armor that have a Socket on them for a reason. These Sockets are meant to hold Gems that will enhance the power of the item.

It’s important to note that you can’t add Sockets to your armor until your character reaches level 20. However, you can still add Gems to your Sockets before reaching this level. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to talk to the Jeweler at level 20 to add Gems to Sockets. You can add them directly from your inventory.

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Adding Gems to your Sockets is as simple as dragging the Gem from your inventory onto your weapon, jewelry, or armor with a Socket. Be sure to read the description of the Gem you are adding as not all three stat bonuses will add to your item. Each Gem you add to an item will add a specific stat such as maximum health or damage.

If you decide that you want to take out a Gem or add a Socket to an item, you’ll need to unlock the Jeweler. Jewelers can be found in many towns, such as Kyovashad. Now that you know how to use Sockets and Gems in Diablo 4, don’t forget to enhance your items with the power!

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