Roblox Doors: How To Beat Door 100

Roblox Doors is an exciting game that offers monsters, challenging puzzles, and more to its players. Recently, the game received an update called Hotel+, which features a revamped built for Door 100, a particularly demanding challenge for players. Thus, we’re providing a guide on how you can complete the puzzle and claim victory in Roblox Doors’ Door 100.

how to beat door 100 roblox doors
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Achieving Victory in Door 100 of Roblox Doors

Before starting your journey in Door 100, you’ll have access to a pre-run shop from which you can buy useful items for Door Knobs. We recommend purchasing Lockpick and Torch, or any light source, as they can come in handy.

  1. Upon opening Door 100, you’ll walk down a corridor where the lights flicker as soon as you enter it.
  2. Navigate your way through the corridor to a room featuring a closed door marked “Exit.”
  3. Beside this door, there will be a lever, but avoid pulling it for now. The room upstairs will have locked doors, but if you have Lockpick, you can unlock them and proceed to the electrical board room where the puzzle is located.
  4. If you don’t have Lockpick, you can still open the door and head towards the lever to pull it.
  5. This action triggers a cutscene where a Figure starts chasing you once you reach the corridors. The area will be widened because shutters open up after the cutscene.
  6. You’ll have to avoid the Figure by crouching, walking slowly, or hiding in the closets (note that you’ll have to play the mini-game inside the closet).
  7. While avoiding the Figure, find Circuit Breaker Switches for the Board on the shelves. Avoid getting too close to the Figure, as it will sense your heartbeat (guiding lights will help you spot the switches easily).
  8. If you can’t find all the switches, it’s probably because they’re scattered near the elevator upstairs.
  9. Head toward the Board room and open it with the key. Once you open the electrical board, place all the switches in the slots. A cutscene will play where an exposed wire ignites a fire, causing the Figure to panic and jump out the window.
  10. The top of the board features numbers and each number has a box in front of it. If the number has a filled box, turn on the switch, but leave it as it is if it’s empty. There are 3 rounds, with the third one being more difficult than the first 2. It has an unknown, mysterious number marked with “??,” and you need to add the number of switches turned on to beat the game.
  11. After succeeding, sprint up to the elevator, finish the cutscene, and claim your victory in Door 100 of Roblox Doors.

That’s how you can beat Door 100 in Roblox Doors. If you want to learn more about other monsters in the game, like Screech, Ambush, Rush, and Halt, check out our guides.